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Closing the Gap

The National Agreement on Closing the Gap is a commitment across federal, state and territory governments to work collaboratively with Indigenous partners, transforming the way governments provide services to Indigenous communities. Its aim is to improve outcomes and close the gap between the socio-economic outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

The agreement  is between all Australian governments, including the Australian Local Government Association, and the National Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations (CAPO). It commits all governments to:

  • a transformation partnership model
  • the refreshed Closing the Gap outcomes or targets
  • the 4 national priority reforms.

The agreement covers 2020 to 2030.

Partnerships in NSW

As a part of the agreement, governments commit to delivering policy that affects Indigenous Australians in full and genuine partnership . In NSW, a joint-council governance structure reflects this partnership model. Together, government and CAPO design Closing the Gap initiatives to meet NSW’s targets.

NSW CAPO members include:

  • NSW Aboriginal Land Council
  • Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW
  • Aboriginal Child, Family and Community Care State Secretariat
  • BlaQ Aboriginal Corporation
  • Link-up NSW Aboriginal Corporation
  • First Peoples Disability Network Australia
  • NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
  • Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Limited.

The department's role

The department will deliver Targets 9 and 15 from the agreement.

Outcome 9: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people secure appropriate, affordable housing that is aligned with their priorities and need.

  • Target 9a: By 2031, increase the proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in appropriately sized (not overcrowded) housing to 88 per cent.
  • Target 9b: The additional target relating to community infrastructure has been endorsed nationally. Additional details of this target in NSW are being finalised.

Outcome 15: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people maintain a distinctive cultural, spiritual, physical and economic relationship with their land and waters.

  • Target 15a: By 2030, a 15 per cent increase in Australia’s landmass subject to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s legal rights or interests.
  • Target 15b: By 2030, a 15 per cent increase in areas covered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s legal rights or interests in the sea.

Our plan to achieve Targets 9 and 15 is detailed in the 2022–2024 NSW Implementation Plan for Closing the Gap (PDF, 1.5 MB). The implementation plan includes the initiatives co-designed to support progress. There is a delivery plan for each initiative that further maps anticipated progress, risks, milestones and deliverables.

Priority reforms

As well as the 17 targets, the agreement includes the 5 priority reforms.

These reforms acknowledge that all levels of government must improve outcomes and service delivery for Aboriginal communities on a business-as-usual basis.

The first 4 priority reforms are national. The fifth is specific to NSW:

  1. Formal partnerships and shared decision making
  2. Building the community sector
  3. Transforming government organisations
  4. Shared access to data and information at a regional level
  5. Employment, business growth and economic prosperity (NSW specific)