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Gifts, benefits and hospitality register

The department proactively discloses the gifts, benefits, and hospitality offered to our employees, to the value of $50 and over.

The register records the name and organisation of individuals who make offers of gifts, benefits, or hospitality to departmental employees. Please be aware of this when considering offering any gift, benefit, or hospitality to a public official.

If you have any questions about the register or the department’s gifts policy please email ethics@dpie.nsw.gov.au.

DateOffered toOrganisationOffered by (Name and organisation)Offer descriptionEstimated Value ($)?Was the offer accepted?
01/11/2022Director, Land Use StrategyWSPWSPHospitality: Networking dinner160Yes
01/11/2022Senior Manager, Business EventsQudos Bank ArenaQudos Bank ArenaHospitality: Networking event50.00Yes
08/11/2022 CEO, Sydney Olympic Park Authority LendleaseLendlease Hospitality: Stakeholder engagement drinks 150No
08/11/2022 CEO, Sydney Olympic Park AuthorityBusiness Western Sydney and
Western Sydney Wanderers FC
Business Western Sydney Hospitality: Networking event100 No
10/11/2022Executive Assistant Information Professional Group Information Professional Group Hospitality: Stakeholder engagement lunch 185.00 Yes
13/11/2022Head of Policy & Innovation SGCH and Lendlease SGCH and Lendlease Hospitality: Stakeholder engagement lunch 50 Yes
15/11/2022Executive Director, Energy Origin EnergyOrigin EnergyHospitality: Networking lunch event349No
15/11/2022Senior ManagerOrigin EnergyOrigin EnergyHospitality: Networking lunch event150Yes
16/11/2022Executive, Director Climate Change & SustainabilityBDOAlexandra O'MaraHospitality: Networking lunch event150Yes
16/11/2022Manager, Place ProjectsAccessible ArtsAccessible ArtsHospitality: Event invitation30Yes
17/11/2022CEO, Sydney Olympic Park AuthorityBusiness Western SydneyBusiness Western SydneyHospitality: Networking drinks event100Yes
17/11/2022Director, Energy ProgramsOrigin EnergyVicki SweeneyHospitality: Networking event375No
18/11/2022Acting Director, Community and Stakeholder EngagementAureconAureconHospitality: Dinner event invitation270Yes
18/11/2022Director, Infrastructure, Grants & DeliveryWest Tigers Rugby League Football Pty LtdWest Tigers Rugby League Football Pty LtdGift: Bottle of wine15Yes
25/11/2022Administrative Support OfficerSydney Water Innovation FestivalSydney Water Innovation FestivalHospitality: Networking event30No
29/11/2022Venue ManagerConsulate General of the People's Republic of China in SydneyConsulate General of the People's Republic of China in SydneyHospitality: Networking event50Yes
29/11/2022Director, Property InformationSAPSAPGift: Powerbank50Yes
29/11/2022Director, Experiences Partnerships & EngagementBusiness SydneyBusiness SydneyHospitality: Networking event50Yes
01/12/2022Administrative Support OfficerBounce ReadinessMelanie EllerGift: Refused gift20No
07/12/2022Acting Director, Activation, Marketing and EventsChas ClarksonChas ClarksonGift: Christmas Hamper80No
07/12/2022CEO, Sydney Olympic Park AuthorityCricket NSWCricket NSWHospitality: Event invitation400No
08/12/2022Senior Manager EventsChas ClarksonChas ClarksonGift: Gift Box80Yes
08/12/2022Director, Experiences Partnerships & EngagementNSW Office of SportNSW Office of SportHospitality: event invitation90Yes
08/12/2022Director, Manly Hydraulics LaboratoryEngineers AustraliaEngineers AustraliaGift: Prize Smart eGift Card250No
12/12/2022CEO, Sydney Olympic Park AuthorityOffice of Sport, NSWOffice of SportHospitality: networking sports event200Yes
12/12/2022Chief Knowledge OfficerState of Uttar PradeshState of Uttar PradeshGift: Perfume15Yes
12/12/2022Special Counsel, Property DevelopmentDiageoDiageoGift: Tequila bottle105Yes
12/12/2022Director, Place ManagementOffice of SportOffice of SportHospitality: Sports event invitation150Yes
13/12/2022Deputy Secretary, Homes Property & DevelopmentJohn HollandJohn HollandGift: Gift basket100Yes
13/12/2022Senior Development ManagerJohn Holland GroupJohn Holland GroupGift : Christmas hamper40Yes
13/12/2022Executive Director, Commercial DevelopmentJohn HollandJohn HollandGift: Food hamper40Yes
13/12/2022CEO, Sydney Olympic Park AuthorityMeritosMeritosHospitality: Networking event180Yes
14/12/2022CEO, Sydney Olympic Park AuthorityTennis NSWTennis NSWHospitality: Sports event invitation150No
15/12/2022Chief Operating OfficerUnited Property ServicePatrick SergiGift: box of brownies100Yes
16/12/2022Senior Manager, Design and PlaceCerno Management Pty LtdCerno Management Pty LtdGift: Hamper with wine80Yes
16/12/2022Team Leader, Rangers NPMPMore Stone Construction GroupTerry Morton of the More stone Construction GroupGift: Hamper with wine300Yes
16/12/2022Chief Executive, Placemaking NSWSydney FestivalSydney Festival 2023Hospitality: Networking event50Yes
16/12/2022ICT Business AnalystSkyfiiSkyfiiGift: Bottle of wine130No
19/12/2022Director, Place ManagementAccor Hotels Sydney Olympic ParkAccor Hotels Sydney Olympic ParkGift: Bottle of wine and chocolate30No
21/12/2022Chief Executive, Placemaking NSWLend LeaseLend LeaseHospitality: Event invitation300No
21/12/2022Executive DirectorNSW Land and Housing CorporationMichelle PriceGift: Bottle of wine20No
8/01/2023Principal Project OfficerNew England Solar PowerNew England Solar PowerGift: Gift Cards30No
9/01/2023Executive Director, Delivery Division northNSW Land and Housing corporationMichelle PriceGift: Bottle of wine20No
12/01/2023Director, Place ManagementTriumph Leisure SolutionsTriumph Leisure Solutions (vendor)Gift: Box of chocolate70No
16/01/2023Director, Major ProjectsSkyfii Pty LtdSkyfii Pty LtdGift: Bottle of wine130Yes
16/01/2023ICT business analystSkyfii Pty LtdSkyfii Pty LtdGift: Bottle of wine130No
18/01/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkSpencer MauriceSpencer MauriceHospitality: Networking event invitation350No
18/01/2023Chief Executive, Placemaking NSWInternational Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney)Libby O'Leary (Office of the Director, Corporate Affairs, Communications and Sustainability, ICC)Hospitality: Event tickets400Yes
19/01/2023Manager, PerformanceKomosionJohn O'Neill, Principal Consultant, KomosionGift: 2 bottles of wine66No
22/01/2023Chief Operating OfficerSydney FestivalSydney Festival 2023Hospitality: Networking event invitation50Yes
23/01/2023Chief Executive, Placemaking NSWDeloitte Touche TohmatsuSimon Moses / Deloitte Touche TohmatsuHospitality: Networking event50No
23/01/2023Chief Executive, Placemaking NSWDeloitte Touche TohmatsuDeloitte Touche TohmatsuHospitality: Networking event50No
26/01/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkHockey AustraliaHockey AustraliaHospitality: Sporting event invitation350No
29/01/2023Chief Executive, Placemaking NSWDeloitte Touche TohmatsuDeloitte Touche TohmatsuHospitality: Networking event200No
31/01/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkGiants AFLGiants AFLHospitality: Sporting event invitation150No
31/01/2023Senior InvestigatorGreen Leaf Australia Group Pty LtdMr Xiuming LINGift: Tea packets20Yes
1/02/2023Director, StrategyAustralian Institute of ArchitectsAustralian Institute of ArchitectsHospitality: Networking lunch and speaking event209Yes
1/02/2023Principal Policy OfficerAustralian Institute of ArchitectsAustralian Institute of ArchitectsHospitality: Networking lunch and speaking event209Yes
1/02/2023Deputy Secretary, Homes, Property & DevelopmentTrans Tasman Business CircleTrans Tasman Business CircleHospitality: Stakeholder engagement0No
1/02/2023Deputy Secretary, Homes, Property & DevelopmentProperty Council of AustraliaProperty Council of AustraliaHospitality: Stakeholder engagement0No
2/02/2023Executive Director, Precinct DevelopmentFDCHospitalityHospitality: Awards event250Yes
2/02/2023ContractorFDC Construction & Refurbishment (NSW) Pty LtdFDC Construction & Refurbishment (NSW) Pty LtdHospitality: Awards event250Yes
2/02/2023Development DirectorPlace IntelligencePlace IntelligenceHospitality: Networking education event1100No
6/02/2023Team Leader, Environmental AssessmentsRisen Energy (Australia) Pty LtdRisen Energy (Australia) Pty LtdGift: Bottle of port and chocolates100No
6/02/2023Specialist Planning OfficerPrice Waterhouse CoopersPrice Waterhouse CoopersGift: Chilli jam and chips30Yes
7/02/2023CEO, NSW Water SectorWater NSWCEO Water NSWHospitality: Awards event300Yes
8/02/2023Project Officer, AssetsSnow Valleys CouncilSnowy Valleys CouncilHospitality: Networking lunch and dinner70Yes
13/02/2023Director, Manly Hydraulics LaboratoryEncanta event managementEngineers AustraliaGift: Gift card250No
14/02/2023Director, Place ManagementRoyal Agricultural SocietyRoyal Agricultural SocietyHospitality: Event invitation600Yes
15/02/2023Acting Director, Activation, Marketing and EventsSail GPSail GPHospitality: Networking sports event200Yes
15/02/2023Project OfficerCBRECatherine ModiniHospitality: Networking breakfast155Yes
16/02/2023ProducerSail GPSail GPHospitality: Networking sports event200Yes
16/02/2023Senior Project OfficerSail GPSail GPHospitality: Networking sports event250Yes
18/02/2023Senior Manager, Permits and ProjectsSydney Superyacht CompanySydney Superyacht CompanyHospitality: Networking event250No
18/02/2023Senior Manager, Permits and ProjectsBHR ConstructionsBHR ConstructionsGift: Champagne and nuts100No
19/02/2023Senior Manager, Contracts and GovernanceCushman & WakefieldJustin Ticehurst, Cushman & WakefieldHospitality: Stakeholder engagement500No
20/02/2023Programs OfficerN/AJosef HauerGift: Cucumbers1.50Yes
20/02/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkVenues NSWVenues NSWGift: Concert tickets500No
20/02/2023Deputy Secretary, Homes, Property & DevelopmentWestern Sydney Leadership DialogueWestern Sydney Leadership DialogueHospitality: Networking event100No
21/02/2023CEO, Water Infrastructure NSWANVELOJessica Tanco ANVELOHospitality: Networking sports event200No
21/02/2023Deputy Secretary, Homes, Property & DevelopmentGrimshaw Sydney StudioGrimshaw Sydney StudioHospitality: Networking event150No
21/02/2023Acting Head of Policy and InnovationEYEY - James BrennanHospitality: Networking event and lunch155Yes
21/02/2023Acting Director, Activation, Marketing and EventsConsulate General of IrelandConsulate General of IrelandHospitality: Stakeholder engagement launch event0Yes
23/02/2023Chief Executive OfficerWestern Sydney Leadership DialogueWestern Sydney Leadership DialogueHospitality: Networking lunch event100Yes
23/02/2023Director, ProcurementABC BroadcastingKylie McKinlayHospitality: Networking event3495Yes
23/02/2023Senior Manager, Planning FacilitationInstitution of Surveyors NSWInstitution of Surveyors NSWGift: Bottle of wine20Yes
26/02/2023Project OfficerByron Bay Wildlife HospitalByron Bay Wildlife HospitalHospitality: networking breakfast event25No
26/02/2023Executive Director, Technical Advisory ServicesGS E&CGS E&CGift: 2 Koren souvenirs20No
26/02/2023Executive Manager, Sports DevelopmentAthletics NSWCEO of Athletics NSWHospitality: Networking event110No
1/03/2023Deputy Secretary, Homes, Property & DevelopmentEvent CollectivePontiac Land Group / CapellaHospitality: opening ceremony networking event100Yes
1/03/2023Executive Director, CommercialAthletics NSWAthletics NSWHospitality: Networking event110No
5/03/2023Executive Director, Advisory and TransportTristar Investment Private Ltd / Pontiac Land GroupTristar Investment Private LtdHospitality: opening ceremony networking event150Yes
6/03/2023Director, Management and Employee RelationshipsInforma AustraliaInforma Australia (24th National Workers' Compensation Summit)Hospitality: guest speaker event100 Yes
7/03/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkGWS GiantsGWS GiantsHospitality: Networking event250 No
8/03/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkCricket NSWCricket NSWHospitality: awards event500No
12/03/2023Executive Director, Advisory and TransportTBA UrbanChris ThompsonHospitality: Networking event75No
12/03/2023Deputy Secretary, Homes, Property & DevelopmentTBA UrbanTBA UrbanHospitality: Networking event50No
12/03/2023Deputy Secretary, Homes, Property & DevelopmentPlenaryPlenary GroupHospitality: networking lunch event250No
12/03/2023Executive Director, Strategy and PolicySquadron EnergySquadron EnergyHospitality: networking dinner event250 Yes
12/03/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkInfrastructure Partnerships AustraliaIPAHospitality: Awards event250No
13/03/2023Project OfficerGlencoreGlencoreHospitality: networking lunch event20Yes
13/03/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkParalympics AustraliaCatherine ClarkHospitality: stakeholder invitation speaking event250No
14/03/2023Executive Director, Strategy and PolicyIberdrolaIberdrolaHospitality: Stakeholder engagement250Yes
19/03/2023Principal Project OfficerInnovate CommunicateClaire HarrisGift: Gift hamper25Yes
20/03/2023Manager, Standing OrdersNuix LtdNuix LtdHospitality: Stakeholder engagement150Yes
20/03/2023Senior Governance Officer, Standing OrdersNuix LtdNuix LtdHospitality: Stakeholder engagement150Yes
21/03/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkGiants AFLGiants AFLHospitality: Networking sports event250No
22/03/2023Chief Executive, Hunter and Central Coast Development CorporationBusiness HunterBusiness HunterHospitality: stakeholder engagement250No
23/03/2023Chief Executive, Hunter and Central Coast Development CorporationAstrolabe GroupAstrolabe GroupHospitality: networking event50No
23/03/2023Chief Executive, Hunter and Central Coast Development CorporationLake Macquarie City CouncilLord Mayor / CEO of Lake Macquarie City CouncilHospitality: networking luncheon120Yes
23/03/2023Chief Executive, Hunter and Central Coast Development CorporationCity of NewcastleLord Mayor / City of NewcastleHospitality: Networking morning tea event100Yes
26/03/2023Director, Advisory and TransactionsTBA UrbanChris Thompson, TBA UrbanHospitality: Networking event50No
26/03/2023Director, Advisory and TransactionsElysse CollectiveAlice Moore, Elysse Collective on behalf of Pontiac Land GroupHospitality: Networking event invitation150Yes
26/03/2023Senior Project OfficerTBA UrbanCameron Elsegood, TBA UrbanHospitality: Networking event50No
26/03/2023Senior Manager, Advisory and TransactionsTBA UrbanTBA UrbanHospitality: Networking event20No
26/03/2023Senior Project OfficerIntrepid MindsConnor ByrneHospitality: networking education event1974.50Yes
27/03/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkNSW Swifts / Netball NSWNSW SwiftsHospitality: networking sports event150No
27/03/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkNetball NSWSydney Swifts / Netball NSWHospitality: networking sports event150No
28/03/2023Senior Executive AssistantMcConnell DowellLarry McGrath, General Manager, McConnell DowellHospitality: Networking event invitation50Yes
28/03/2023CEO, Sydney Olympic ParkNetball NSWNSW SwiftsHospitality: networking sports event150No
28/03/2023Senior Manager, Advisory and TransactionsElysee Collective obo Pontiac Land GroupPontiac Land Group - Lessee of the Sandstone BuildingHospitality: Networking event invitation150Yes
28/03/2023CEO, EnergyCo NSWTransgridTransgridHospitality: Networking event invitation450Yes
28/03/2023Project Officer, Advisory and TransactionsElysee Collective on behalf of Pontiac Land GroupPontiac Land Group - Lessee of the Sandstones assetsNetworking: Stakeholder engagement150Yes
28/03/2023Executive Director, CommercialRoyal Agricultural Society of NSWNSW Royal Agricultural SocietyHospitality: event pass94No
29/03/2023Senior Manager, EventsActive AirActive AirGift: easter egg50 Yes
30/03/2023Senior Manager, MarketingFour Seasons HotelMode Kitchen and BarHospitality: food and beverages30Yes
30/03/2023Marketing AdvisorMode Kitchen & Bar, Four Seasons HotelPhoebe Martin, Marketing ManagerHospitality: food and beverages30Yes
30/03/2023Senior Marketing AdvisorFour SeasonFour SeasonHospitality: food and beverages30Yes
2/04/2023Manager, Ranger ServicesSEAASEAAHospitality: networking education event1650Yes
2/04/2023Senior Manager, OperationsRASRoyal Agricultural Society/Sydney showgroundHospitality: event pass0Yes
3/04/2023Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic ParkNSW Netball / NSW SwiftsNSW SwiftsHospitality: Networking sports event150No
5/04/2023Director, ProcurementMBMplMBMplHospitality: Networking event200 No
10/04/2023CEO, Sydney Olympic ParkNetball NSWNSW SwiftsHospitality: Networking sports event250No
12/04/2023Senior Executive AssistantDeloitteDeloitteHospitality: Networking event50Yes
19/04/2023Traffic and Transport Operations CoordinatorRASJohn O'Neill, Principal Consultant, KomosionHospitality: Event pass500Yes
19/04/2023Safety and Security CoordinatorRoyal Agricultural SocietyRoyal Agricultural SocietyHospitality: Event pass500Yes
19/04/2023Manager, Precinct CoordinationSydney ShowgroundRoyal Agricultural SocietyHospitality: Event pass0Yes
26/04/2023Operations CoordinatorSydney ShowgroundRASHospitality: Event pass0Yes
26/04/2023Chief Project Officer, Energy Corp NSWKPMGKPMGHospitality: Networking awards event200Yes