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Our Mob on Country

Our Mob at work

Our Place on Country provides strategic direction on the Department’s vision, principles and outcomes for embedding Aboriginal cultural knowledge into the work of the Department.

It is more than a statement of intent or a recognition of Aboriginal identity: it is a roadmap to empower Aboriginal voices within decision-making; to give Aboriginal people greater choice, access and control over land, water, housing and resources within the state; to drive success in Aboriginal organisations and businesses; and to create better outcomes for every Aboriginal person in NSW.

Our Place on Country: Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Post-Fire Recovery project

We've been working with the Yala Ngurambang Yindyamarra Joint Management Committee to help Traditional Owners in Tumut assess the impact of the devastating 2019/2020 fires.

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Our Place on Country: Aboriginal Land Planning Framework

The Aboriginal Land Planning Framework is helping Aboriginal communities across NSW achieve better economic outcomes from their land.

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Our Place on Country: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Wherever you are in NSW, you’re always on Country. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is integrating Aboriginal knowledge into their community programs to improve shared understanding of Country.

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Our Place on Country: La  Perouse mullet run

Traditional fishing practices like the mullet run have significant spiritual, social and economic value to Aboriginal communities in NSW.

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Connecting with the community

Connecting on Country is a two-part resource produced by the DPIE Aboriginal People and Culture team, highlighting the expert knowledge of our Aboriginal staff.

These resources aim to provide guidance and inspiration for DPIE and other government departments, exploring what best practice looks like when it comes to Aboriginal stakeholder and community engagement, and how to form meaningful relationships between government and NSW Aboriginal communities.

The following videos demonstrate examples of best practice with Aboriginal people in metro and regional NSW, as the needs of stakeholders and communities are vastly different.

Connecting On Country in regional NSW