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Our culture

Diversity inclusion

Belong in our diverse workplace. Thrive with connection.

We embrace diversity as a strength. It helps us create an environment where everyone can belong.

We value the diverse experiences, cultures and insights of our people. They help us as we balance the growth of metropolitan and urban centres with the needs of the environment and landscape to create healthy, prosperous places for people, communities and Country.

Our support networks, career development programs, flexible work options and values build an inclusive culture .

Diversity and inclusionOur awards and recognition

We are honoured to have won the 2022 Inclusive Workplace Award from the Australian HR Institute

We are a proud member of the Australian Network on Disability and have been accredited as a Disability Confident Recruiter. We are also members of the Diversity Council of Australia.

Our programs

Disability inclusion

We are creating a workplace where our employees with disability thrive, and we can give the best level of support for our customers and community members with disability. Discover more about our disability inclusion commitment.


ElevateAbility is an employment program to attract candidates with disability to the department using targeted roles. It uses inclusive recruitment and onboarding practices to set up candidates for success.

The program is helping us work towards the  target of having people with a disability hold 5.6% of government sector roles by 2025.

wards the Premier’s priority of having people with a disability hold 5.6% of government sector roles by 2025.

KnowledgAbility bites

These bite-sized sessions help our employees understand the barriers people with disability face and debunk assumptions about disability. Employees learn that no 2 fingerprints are the same, how to talk confidently to people with lived experience of disability and work out how best to support them.

Refugee inclusion

The Foorsah program – Foorsah means 'chance' or 'opportunity' in Arabic – reflects our intention to bring people from refugee backgrounds into the department using targeted roles. Inclusive recruitment and onboarding practices set up Foorsah participants for success.

Gender equality and women's networks

All employees deserve access to equal rewards, resources and opportunities, regardless of gender.

We’re committed to achieving gender equity in the workplace and supporting our employees who identify as female to thrive. We’ve already met a government target to achieve gender balance across the department at leadership levels.

We are striving for gender equality. The department’s programs and resources to support women in the workplace include:

  • paid parental leave schemes (at time of birth, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage or pre-term birth) for primary and secondary carers
  • personal carer's leave
  • Keeping in Touch parental support program
  • domestic and family violence leave.

We recognise the role parents play at home and in the workplace. We understand growing or starting your family is an exciting time. We offer:

  • paid parental leave schemes (at time of birth, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage or pre-term birth) for primary and secondary carers
  • the Keeping in Touch parental support program.
Employee networks

Harmony Council

Our employee Harmony Council consists of 16 employees from across the department who are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion. The council meets regularly to drive diversity and inclusion initiatives. It works closely with senior leaders to ensure the department's diversity initiatives align with overall business outcomes and plans.

Disability Employee Network

Our Disability Employee Network helps us build a workplace where people with disability thrive. The network:

  • gives our people with disability and carers a safe forum for peer-to-peer support
  • gathers feedback on the barriers people with disability experience in the workplace
  • promotes disability awareness throughout the department.

Learn more about our commitment to include people with disability as employees, customers and part of our communities.

Rainbow Connection

The Rainbow Connection supports our people from the LGBTIQA+ community. The network strives to create a workplace where all staff enjoy the freedom to be their genuine selves without fear of prejudice. It advances equality for LGBTIQA+ staff across the department and ensures sexuality and gender identity do not affect participation at work.

Young Professionals Network

This network connects young professionals across the department through networking events and social activities. It also provides professional development sessions and opportunities to learn from colleagues at various levels within the department.

Culture Connect

This network supports our cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) colleagues. Culture Connect raises awareness of cultural diversity and inclusion, challenges the status quo and advocates for better outcomes for the CALD community. Culture Connect fosters and develops CALD leaders.

Aboriginal Culture and Heritage Staff Networks

The Aboriginal Culture and Heritage Staff Network fosters opportunities for and partnerships with Aboriginal staff, their communities and organisations. It supports, promotes and incorporates Aboriginal cultural knowledge and values in our organisation's core functions, capabilities and strategic direction.

The network is designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees. It promotes collaboration, sharing knowledge and coming together to have a yarn about the issues, outcomes, challenges and opportunities across business units.

Indigenous careers

We want more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to join us and help make NSW a great place to live, work and play. The department understands and values the lived experience and knowledge Aboriginal people bring to our workplace. We are incorporating Aboriginal perspectives across everything we do. Find out more about Our Mob on Country.