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Our outcomes

The NSW Government has identified 38 state outcomes for the eight public service clusters. These outcomes are assigned to different clusters to provide direction, accountability and clear goals for our activities. The Department of Planning and Environment cluster is responsible for delivering:

  • a strong and liveable New South Wales
  • maximum community benefit from government land and property
  • resilient and sustainable environment and energy
  • sustainable and productive regional industries and communities
  • sustainable and secure water resources.

Our annual report summarises the department’s activities and performance from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020.

Aboriginal Strategy and Outcomes

The Aboriginal Strategy and Outcomes team is focused on developing the strategic direction for achieving Aboriginal outcomes across the Department’s work. By setting a strategic direction that’s in step with the NSW Government’s OCHRE Plan, the Department will be better placed to enable Aboriginal people and communities to have greater choice, access and control over land, water, housing and resources.

The Aboriginal Strategy and Outcomes team will develop strategic direction on:

  • Our Place on Country Aboriginal Outcomes Strategy
  • Cultural Fire Management including opportunities with Aboriginal people and land owners across differing land tenures
  • Pilot partnerships with Local Aboriginal Land Councils to achieve their economic aspirations through the NSW Planning System
  • Priority initiatives across government to achieve economic outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities in NSW

Our Place on Country Aboriginal Outcomes Strategy

Our Place on Country (PDF 7.68MB) provides strategic direction on the Department’s vision, principles and outcomes for embedding Aboriginal cultural knowledge into the work of the Department.

It is more than a statement of intent or a recognition of Aboriginal identity: it is a roadmap to empower Aboriginal voices within decision-making; to give Aboriginal people greater choice, access and control over land, water, housing and resources within the state; to drive success in Aboriginal organisations and businesses; and to create better outcomes for every Aboriginal person in NSW.