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Kiersten Fishburn is the Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment. In her role, Kiersten oversees a diverse portfolio spanning our natural resources and the environment, heritage, planning, land and housing, and local government.

Kiersten has worked in the public service for two decades, across multiple portfolios and two tiers of government.

She brings great enthusiasm and energy to her roles. She’s widely ambitious and passionate about delivering thriving environments, communities and helping NSW achieve its full potential.

Most recently, Kiersten was Deputy Secretary, Cities & Active Transport at Transport for NSW, focusing on ensuring our cities and neighbourhoods are integrated with transport, making places, streets and open spaces functional, beautiful, inclusive and inviting for all to enjoy.

Prior to joining Transport, Kiersten led the Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) in the Department of Planning Industry and Environment. She was also the CEO of Liverpool City Council, and held leadership roles with Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and Accessible Arts and City of Sydney.

Our leadership team

The leadership team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in urban and regional planning, natural resources, environment, heritage, Aboriginal and social housing, and governance.

The team sets the strategic direction for the cluster, delivering an integrated approach across the department to support the efficient and effective delivery of government priorities for NSW.

Dr Liz Develin
Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Atticus Fleming AM
A/Coordinator General, Environment and Heritage

Chris Hanger
Chief Executive Officer, Greater Cities Commission

Mel Hawyes
Deputy Secretary, Crown Lands and Public Spaces

Somerset Hoy
A/General Counsel, Governance and Legal

Amanda Jones
Deputy Secretary, Water

Bianca Jordaan
Chief Digital and Information Officer

Amanda McCarthy
Director Aboriginal People and Culture

Shaun Smith
Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Services

Anne Skewes
A/Chief Executive Officer, Western Parkland City Authority

Leon Walker
Deputy Secretary, Homes, Property and Development

Brett Whitworth
Deputy Secretary, Office of Local Government

Key functions and executives

The cluster has a diverse portfolio with over 8,000 employees and around $81 billion of state assets.

Key groups, agencies and functions



Monica Gibson, A/Deputy Secretary
Planning Land Use Strategy and Housing

Amanda Fairley, Deputy Secretary
Programs, Infrastructure & Digital

David Gainsford, Deputy Secretary
Development Assessment and Systems

Abbie Galvin, Executive Director
Government Architect 

Hannah Shalbaf, A/Executive Director
Housing Supply and Infrastructure

Tom Loomes, Executive Director
Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Implementation

Independent Planning Commission
Office of Independent Planning Commission

Environment and Heritage

Atticus Fleming, A/Coordinator General

Naomi Stephens, A/Deputy Secretary
National Parks and Wildlife Service

Brendan Bruce, Deputy Secretary
Biodiversity Conservation and Science

Mia Garrido, Executive Director
Governance, Strategy and Coordination

Sam Kidman, Executive Director
Heritage NSW 

Suzie Christensen, Chief Executive
Lord Howe Island Board

Erin Giuliani, Chief Executive
Biodiversity Conservation Trust

NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA)

Tony Chappel, Chief Executive Officer


Amanda Jones, Deputy Secretary

Jason Gordon, A/Chief Executive Officer
Water Infrastructure NSW

Kaia Hodge
Executive Director, Strategy and Policy, Water

Madeleine Mispel
A/Executive Director, Water Performance

Graham Attenborough
Chief Operating Officer, Water Operations

Mitchell Isaacs
Chief Knowledge Officer, Water Knowledge

Grant Barnes, Chief Regulatory Officer
Natural Resources Access Regulator

Homes, Property and Development

Leon Walker, Deputy Secretary,
Chief Executive Officer 

Property and Development NSW

Dr Liz Develin, Chief Executive Officer
Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Valentina Misevska, Chief Executive
Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC)

Michael Wheatley, A/Chief Executive
Land and Housing Corporation

Famey Williams, Chief Executive
Aboriginal Housing Office

Neisha D’Souza, Executive Director
Strategic Advisory Services

Stace Fishwick, Executive Director
Commercial Development and Management

Vy Nguyen, Executive Director
Precinct Development

Stewart McLachlan,
Chief Executive Officer
Valuation NSW

Crown Lands and Public Spaces

Melanie Hawyes, Deputy Secretary

Jennifer Hickey, Chief Executive 
Cemeteries and Crematoria

Mark DeWeerd, Executive Director 
Aboriginal Strategy Outcomes

Anita Mitchell, Chief Executive
Placemaking NSW

Susan Lee, Chief Operating Officer
Placemaking NSW

Office of Local Government

Brett Whitworth, Deputy Secretary 
Office of Local Government

Western Parkland City AuthorityAnne Skewes, A/Chief Executive Officer
Greater Cities Commission

Chris Hanger, Chief Executive Officer

Petra Andren, Head of Innovation Districts

Stephanie Barker, Head of Strategic Planning

Corporate functions

Shaun Smith, Chief Operating Officer 
Corporate Services

Chris Martin, Chief Financial Officer

Bianca Jordaan, Chief Digital and Information Officer

Caroline Myers, Executive Director
Property, Procurement, Safety and Wellbeing

Kyleigh Laughlan, Executive Director
Performance, Experience and Communication

Rochelle Davis, Executive Director
Shared Services

Mileva Strachov, A/Executive Director
People and Culture

Adam Wellings, A/Executive Director
Major Projects


Somerset Hoy, Acting General Counsel, Deputy Secretary
Governance and Legal

Madeleine Thomas, Deputy General Counsel
Planning, Environment and Resources

Brendon Jenkins, A/Deputy General Counsel
Property and Commercial

Simonne Daly, Executive Director


Office of the Secretary

Belinda Padovan-Court, Executive Director
Ministerial and Government Services