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Current and forecast air quality

Air quality concentration data - updated hourly

View the latest data for ozone, nitrogen dioxide, visibility, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and airborne particles collected at NSW air quality monitoring sites. Follow the air quality category colours and use the activity guide to protect your health.

Air quality data is updated hourly and a daily air quality forecast is made for the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Region at 4pm each day.


  • Incident monitoring will be undertaken in the Bowral area. Live data will be available on this website on Thursday afternoon (9 December).
  • News: The NSW Government is developing a dedicated air quality website, that presents air quality data and information that is fit-for-purpose, easy-to-understand and works well on desktop and mobile devices.
    We invite you to try our first release or find out more.
  • Live data is always reported in Standard Time (AEST).



View the data licence statement for information about using and attributing these data.