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Third Party Lobbyist

The Department recognises the need for important decisions to be made in an open and transparent manner, without any undue influence, or the perception of undue influence, by external parties.

The Department is required to comply with the Lobbying of Government Official Act 2011 and the related NSW Lobbying Code of Conduct which provide a framework for managing interactions with Third Party Lobbyist and business contacts.

Third Party Lobbyists register

The Third Party Lobbyist register records meetings between the Department and Third Party Lobbyists and is kept in accordance with legislative requirements.

All contact with registered lobbyists is recorded using the Third Party Lobbyist meeting request form and is published on the register, which is publicly available through the Department's website.

The Register is maintained in accordance with the legislative framework, which provide a transparent and accessible system for lobbyists.

Meeting requests

Third party lobbyists who wish to meet with a staff member of the Department must complete and submit the Third Party Lobbyist meeting request form at least seven calendar days in advance of the proposed meeting date.