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Lobbyist contact register

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment recognises the need for important decisions to be made in an open and transparent manner.

This Register lists contacts between our staff and registered lobbyists (those listed on the NSW Electoral Commission’s Register of Third Party Lobbyists) in relation to significant matters. This Contact Register is kept in accordance with the Lobbying of Government Official Act 2011 and the related NSW Lobbyists Code of Conduct which provide a framework for managing interactions with lobbyists.

Request a meeting if you are a lobbyist of a business contact and you would like to meet with a DPIE staff member.

Project / Issue
/ Location
Date Registered
/ Individuals
Murray Irrigation district18 May 2021Richardson Coutts Pty LtdRichardson Coutts Pty LimitedMurray IrrigationSystem optimisation project opportunities in Murray Irrigation district.Murray Irrigation have a number of projects that are at various stages of concept development and planning. The Barmah Millewa Choke optimisation project is furthest progressed.
Water Infrastructure NSW (WINSW) noted that there are opportunities for funding through the National Water Grid Authority (NWGA) for both Strategic and Final Business Cases, and for Construction. WINSW discussed the NWGA process including timing of applications, need for the State to be the proponent of both the funding application and the funding agreement, and funding percentage agreements.  
WINSW noted that the Commonwealth are open to bringing forward projects that result in efficiencies, and that we would support the Barmah Choke project being further scoped. WINSW confirmed that we can assist Murray Irrigation through providing templates from NWGA and providing support and advice to Murray Irrigation when filling in the applications.
Murray Irrigation agreed to provide further information to WINSW on proposed projects.
Somersby Regional Gateway21 April 2021Berge OkosdinossianCT GroupWCTV Pty LtdReview process and submissions to the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036, specifically in the context of the Somersby Regional Gateway

CT Group provided background on a proposal for land within the Somersby Regional Gateway, outlining the planning process to date, rationale and benefits of the proposal, and key considerations for its future planning. The key matter related to strategic alignment with the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036. CT Group sought advice regarding opportunities to collaborate and provide feedback through the scheduled review of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036, specifically in relation to their clients’ land.

DPIE provided advice on:

  • The status of the Central Coast Regional Plan review project which is in the a preliminary scoping stage.
  • The directions of the current plan that would be considered for a potential planning proposal at Old Sydney Town. In particular direction 9, 10 and 11 noted the value of agricultural and resource land west of the M1 Pacific Motorway for the State economy.
  • Importance of ensuring consistency with Ministerial Directions as well as the Central Coast Regional Plan.

The proponent agreed to continue to work with Council to ensure the proposal adequately considered the strategic planning framework and responded to site-specific matters.

Online Teams Meeting

Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula Place-based Infrastructure Compact

10 December 2020

Organised by Ilana Waldman, Special Counsel, Premier National

Premier National


Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula Place-based Infrastructure Compact

A meeting was held to discuss the timing of the Government’s response to the Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula Place-based Infrastructure Compact (PIC) and the potential for a new metro station at Camellia (with the station box to be funded by developers).

Online meeting (Microsoft Teams).

Options for design excellence for the Winter Sports World.

22 October 2020

Organised by Kerry Chikarovski, Chikarovski & Associates

Chikarovski & Associates

Chikarovski & Associates

Meeting has been facilitated between the proponent, the Council, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the Government architect to work through the options for design excellence for the Winter Sports World

NSW Government Architect (GA) advised proponent a design competition (national or international) would produce the best outcome for achieving design excellence.

GA would consider proponent partnering with an architect experienced in large scale projects in private consultation as an alternative to a design competition

(if Council agreed to the process). GA concerned that due to the complexity of the proposal that not having a design competition, design excellence would not be achieved.

GA advised design competition produces better design results compared to a design panel who assesses designs of one architect.

Council stated that they will be guided by GA advice for how to achieve design excellence because of the size and significance of the proposal on the local area.

DPIE advised they will be guided by the GA’s decision for the design process pathway

The proponent seeks an alternative design process pathway other than a design competition due to the cost and delay associated with holding a design competition and the potential risk of losing intellectual property incorporated in the design elements having to provide external architects access through a design competition process.

GA – providing proponent scenario’s acceptable to the GA to achieve design excellence.

Online meeting (Microsoft Teams).

Potential development for 23 Rooty Hill Road, 2 Mavis Street and 7 Dunsmore Street, Rooty Hill. 13 October 2020 Organised by Andrew Humphries (did not attend the meeting). Barton Deakin Central Coast Building with Ethos Urban and Arcadia Landscape Architecture

Potential development south of Rooty Hill Station. The proponent is seeking to rezone the site for commercial uses from its primarily residential zoning.

DPIE provided an overview of strategic planning of the wider GPEC Investigation Area. Advice was that if the development were to proceed the likely planning pathway would be as Planning Proposal to be submitted to Blacktown Council.

Staff from Blacktown Council re-iterated previous advice issued to the proponent primarily related to site access and flooding.

Online meeting (Microsoft Teams).
Planning Proposal 2019ECI013 – 67-75 Lords Road, Leichhardt 23 July 2020 Kerry Chikarovksi Kerry Chikarovski & Associates

George Revay, Director, Platino

Paula Mottek, Urban Planning Manager, Platino

Sam Haddad, Principal, SG Haddad Advisory

Planning Proposal 2019ECI013 – 67-75 Lords Road, Leichhardt

Platino sought advice on status on reviewing the Parramatta Road Corridor Strategy.  The Coordinator General explained that the PDU’s roles was to facilitate progress, rather than acting as the project owner.

The Coordinator General agreed to:

  • Discuss likely timing of finalising the transport study, with TNSW.
  • Engage with relevant senior staff in DPIE about expediting the process towards decision for the proposal.
  • Seek Clarification on the progress of the Parramatta Road Corridor Strategy.
Discussion of St Leonards South Stage 2 22 July 2020 Kerry Chikarovksi Kerry Chikarovksi & Associates Colin Rockliff, Planning Director, Greaton Discussion of St Leonards South Stage 2

The Coordinator General provided an overview of the Planning Delivery Unit, which has been established to work with agencies to remove blockages and resolve issues for identified planning projects already in the system and under assessment so that decisions on projects can be made more quickly.

Coordinator General to investigate process of the project within DPIE.

Cecil & Roger Avenue, Castle Hill Planning Proposal 6/12/2019 Ian Hancock – Managing Director Premier National Merc Capital and Affiliated Companies Progression of Planning Proposal Advice provided on progress of the matter. It was agreed the next step was a meeting with Transport for NSW, Council, the Department and the proponent. Meeting – In Person
Investment in Water Infrastructure In NSW, DPIE Office, The Rocks 4 Mar 2020 Richardson Coutts Pty Ltd Richardson Coutts Pty Ltd Water Utilities Australia Private (superannuation fund) investment in water infrastructure in NSW

Water Utilities Australia (WUA) provided background on its organisation and ideas for investment in water infrastructure in NSW. WUA facilitates investment by superannuation funds in water utilities that receive a regulated return on assets/investment.

The department indicated that it would refer WUA’s proposal to the department’s reform division to determine whether it had merit or whether WUA should be referred to the unsolicited proposal process managed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The department noted that if the proposal merited further investigation it would be in the context of NSW Government policies, including procurement policies.

The department advised WUA that the government is committed to council owned local water utilities.

Mid Coast Council - Growing Local Economies Friday 27 March 2020 Cara Dale C2Hills Consultancy Mid-Coast Council Growing Local Economies (GLE) Program and potential infrastructure projects

Regional NSW advised that the GLE Fund is currently paused and to check website and other communications for updates.

At the request of C2Hills and Council, Regional NSW will seek a contact point in the Housing Acceleration Fund (HAF).

Apart from the potential contact point, no further action will be undertaken in regard to this meeting

DPIE and Tilt Renewables 19-Feb-20 Spring Street Advisory – Ken McAlpine   Tilt Renewables DPIE and Tilt Renewables

DPIE provided information on:

- The Energy Infrastructure unit’s work program,

- The NSW Electricity Strategy; and

- The NSW Government commitment to develop Renewable Energy Zones (REZ), starting with a 3000 MW Pilot Central-West REZ.

Tilt Renewables provided:

- A Company Profile;

- Information on key Tilt Renewables projects under development;

- Information on Tilt Renewables Stakeholder engagement and benefit sharing practices;

- Feedback on challenges and opportunities for renewable energy project developers; and

- Feedback on NSW REZ delivery model outlined in the NSW Electricity Strategy.


Lendlease engagement with NSW Government 23-Oct-19 Anthony Benscher Barton Deakin Pty Ltd Lendlease To discuss Lendlease’s engagement with NSW Government General discussion about Lendlease.  No further action. Meeting
Status of the Department's response 20-Sept-19 Kerry Chikarovski Platino Properties Lord Rd Advice provided on progress to the rezoning review for Lords Rd, Leichardt. Parties agreed to reconvene Phone
Native Vegetation Compliance and Land Management 22-Aug-19 Adam Le Lievre Newgate Communications Northern NSW Agricultural Alliance (NNAA) Native vegetation compliance and land management Advice provided on compliance policy for native vegetation cases.  The Department will consider the issues raised by the NNAA.  
Carter Street Precinct 24-Jan-19 Mitch Corn , CT International and Corporate Advisory C|T Group AYMCI Post-exhibition landowner briefing for the Carter Street Precinct Advice provided on progress : The Department will review matters raised by the landowners as part of preparing advice to the Minister on the finalisation of the Plan. Meeting
  19-Dec-18 Kerry Chikarovski Chikarovski and Associates Jemalong Pty Ltd St Leonards and Crows Nest Draft 2036 Plan - Exhibition Meeting Advice provided on progress, No further action : Meeting
  25-Oct-18 Mitch Corn, Michael Teoh C|T Group AYMCI Follow up meeting in relation to the exhibition of the draft revised master plan and planning controls for the Carter St Advice provided on progress, Additional information to be sought/provided : AYMCI to make a formal submission to exhibition of the draft plans for the Carter Street Precinct by COB Friday 26 October 2018. Meeting
  19-Oct18 Mitch Corn C|T Group SLA Exhibition of the draft revised master plan and planning controls for the Carter Street Precinct Advice provided on progress, Additional information to be sought/provided : Landowner to lodge formal submission on the proposed controls by close of business 26 October 2018. Meeting
  09-Oct-18 Mitch Corn, Michael Teoh C|T Group YMCI Landowner briefing for the exhibition of the draft revised master plan and planning controls for the Carter Street Preci Advice provided on progress, Parties to reconvene : Further meeting to be arranged during exhibition period with AYMCI to discuss the proposed controls applying to the site, and submission lodged with DPE by close of business 26 October 2018. Meeting
Hunter Regional Plan 07-Jun-18 Kerry Chikarovski Chikarovski Chikarovski and Associates Lochinvar potential development site Referral for discussion with another party : Next steps to meet with Council (likely early July) to discuss the local strategy review process Meeting
Department’s refusal of the Planning Proposal for Lords Road (PP 2016_LEICH 022_00) 11-Apr-18 Kerry Chikarovski Chikarovski and Associates Platino Properties Lords Road (PP 2016_LEICH 022_00) No further action : Department provided advice on process. Meeting
Eastern Sydney region 06-Apr-18 Mitchell Corn , Michael Teoh Crosby Textor   Crosby Textor provided an update regarding various projects in Eastern Sydney region as described below. No further action : Meeting
Chatswood CBD Strategy, St Leaonards South, Bushels Factory Redevelopment, Concord and Gladesville (Dexus site) 06-Apr-18   Crosby Textor Research Strategies Results Pty Ltd    No Further Action Meeting
Underground Life Extension Mod (Mod 7) DA 231 - 7 - 2003 MOD 7) 05/Apr/2018 Hellen Georgopoulos Lyndon George Pty Ltd Hunter Thoroughbred Breeders Association Progress of the application. Advice provided on progress : DPE advised that the modification application had been lodged, but an EA had not yet been received. Meeting
Sydney, Newcastle 28-Nov-17 Kerry Chikarovski Kerry Chikarovski Spacecon Consortia High Speed Rail, Sydney - Newcastle and Smart Cities No further action : Meeting Complete Meeting
  01-Nov-17 Berge Okosdinossian, Jonathon Flegg CT International and Corporate Advisory Group Pty Ltd CT Group Renewable energy in NSW No further action : Meeting
Mt Pleasant 24-Oct-17 Hellen Georgopoulos Lyndon George PL HTBA Mt Pleasant Coal Mine, Drayton South, Dartbrook mine Advice provided on progress of the matter or assessment, No further action : HTBA expressed its concerns over current modification applications at Mount Pleasant and prospective applications at Dartbrook. Meeting
  13-Oct-17 Mitchell Corn C|T International and Corporate Advisory YMCI Corporation To discuss the Carter Street Planned Precinct, and progress on the Kings Hill Urban Release area VPA agreement. No further action : Meeting
Marine Refuelling and Supply Facility, White Bay 10-Aug-17 Nick Melas Profile Consulting (Aust) Pty Ltd Rozelle Bay Pty Ltd White Bay 6 Compliance Advice provided on progress : Modification application lodged by owner of the site to address compliance issues. There was therefore no need to meet with Nick Melas. Application under assessment. Phone
  08-Aug-17 Nick Melas Profile Consulting (Aust) Pty Ltd Rozelle Bay Pty Ltd White Bay 6 compliance Meeting/phone call declined : Phone
  08-Aug-17 Martin Musgrave, Matthew Daniel Martin Musgrave For this meeting, I am attending as CEO of the Commercial and Economic Planning Association, for which I am the Executive Director. Although I am registered on the third party lobbyist register, I am not attending this meeting in that capacity. Discuss the effect of local government policies on state housing policies and targets. No further action : Meeting
Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park 02-Aug-17 Mitch Corn Crosby Textor YMCI, E8Urban, Scape Design, Frank Turquoise Remaster planning process and gave an update of their activities Referral for discussion with another party : DPE to organise meeting with YMCI urban designer (Architectus) and DPE urban designer. Further landowner meetings to be organised. Meeting
Hill Road Off Ramp & Carter Street Precinct Amendment 02-Aug-17   C|T International and Corporate Advisory Group Pty Ltd   Carter Street Precinct - Re Master Planning Additional information to be provided by other parties to the meeting Meeting
Carter Street Precinct - Re Master planning process 02-Aug-17   C|T International and Corporate Advisory Group Pty Ltd   Carter Street Precinct - Re Master Planning Process No Further Action Meeting