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Reporting serious wrongdoing

The Department of Planning and Environment has zero tolerance for fraud, corruption and other forms of serious wrongdoing.

We expect all our employees to behave lawfully, ethically and with integrity at all times. Instances of serious wrongdoing can significantly damage the department’s ability to achieve our mission of supporting a strong and liveable New South Wales, creating housing, jobs and opportunities in a resilient and sustainable environment.

If you suspect fraud, corruption or any other type of serious wrongdoing by an employee or other person working for the department, we encourage you to make a report.

Make a report

Note that you can report anonymously.

Alternatively, the Serious wrongdoing reporting form (PDF, 167 KB) may be downloaded and, once completed, sent to the department by email or post as noted on the form.

What happens after I report?

All reports will be assessed by a specialist team to determine what actions we need to take to address the matters raised. We will let you know what these actions are if you provide your contact details.