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Frequently asked questions

About the Berrys Bay Community and Stakeholder Working Group

What is the purpose of the CSW Group?

The CSW Group’s purpose is to help inform and shape the Berrys Bay Master Plan for two properties, at 1 and 3a Balls Head Drive, both owned by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

The Master Plan will set out how the site will be transformed, after its temporary use by Transport for NSW during construction of the Western Harbour Tunnel, into open space and facilities for the people of NSW.

What does the CSW Group do?

Members of the CSW Group meet monthly to share information and views that reflect the community groups, stakeholder bodies or government organisations they represent.

Within the boundaries of the group’s Code of Conduct (PDF 168.6 KB), CSW Group members will share information with their community and stakeholder groups and collect feedback, bringing about a broad understanding of the Master Plan and planning process.

Who is in the CSW Group and how was the group formed?

The CSW Group is a diverse, dynamic group of 12 people who representing a range of community and stakeholder groups interested in or impacted by future uses of Berrys Bay.

The group is being formed from applications, via an Expression of Interest process that was held from 24 October to 6 November 2020.

Applications were assessed for their approach to the responsibilities set out in the CSW Group’s Terms of Reference (PDF 217.3 KB), especially for the capacity to advocate and be a voice for the community or group they represent. All applicants are being advised in writing about the outcomes of their application.

For further information about the membership of the CSW Group, please send an email.

About the Berrys Bay Master Plan

What is the Master Plan and why is it being prepared?

The Berrys Bay Master Plan, when finalised, will set out the vision, future uses and strategies for restoring the Government owned land at Berrys Bay, following the temporary use of part of this land by Transport for NSW during construction of the Western Harbour Tunnel project. This construction project is currently scheduled for completion in 2026.

The Master Plan will explore key considerations, such as creating an urban design that reflects the site’s cultural and heritage significance, addressing technical constraints and, importantly, ensuring community aspirations help shape the area’s future uses.

The Master Plan is prepared as a document that articulates a vision and roadmap for transforming Berrys Bay into green, open space and facilities that meet the current and future needs of the people of NSW.

What is the timeline for preparing and implementing the Master Plan?

The department anticipates that key milestones in the Master Plan project will include:

November / December 2020

  • expressions of Interest in membership of the CSW Group close and CSW Group convened to meet monthly for 12 months
  • Technical studies commence

Mid 2021

  • Master Plan concepts released for community and stakeholder review

Late 2021

  • draft Berrys Bay Master Plan public exhibition

Following public exhibition, the draft Berrys Bay Master Plan will be reviewed and revised in light of community and stakeholder feedback.

Costings and a construction schedule for realising the Master Plan vision will also be prepared and submitted, with the revised draft Master Plan, to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces for final determination.

The department anticipates that restoration of the Balls Head Drive sites will commence after the Western Harbour Tunnel project is completed. Completion of the tunnel project is currently scheduled for 2026.

About the Western Harbour Tunnel project

How can I find out more about the Western Harbour Tunnel project?

To find out more about the Western Harbour Tunnel project, visit Transport for NSW’s Western Harbour Tunnel project website.