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Eden Wharf Building, 253 Imlay Street, Eden


Project facts

Project Area 

3,507 sqm


253 Imlay Street, Eden


Bega Valley Shire Council


B4 & IN4

About the project

Property and Development NSW is exploring options to revitalise and activate the Eden wharf building site at Snug Cove in Eden, so locals and visitors can continue to enjoy the harbour foreshore on the Port of Eden now and in the future.

The Eden Wharf building site is one part of the Revitalising Eden Program led by the Port Authority PNSW which also includes the Safe Harbour Project (led by TfNSW)  and the recently completed Welcome Centre.

PDNSW is working collaboratively with the Port Authority NSW, Transport for NSW (Marine Infrastructure Delivery Office), Crown Lands, Bega Valley Shire Council and the Eden community.


In October 2020, PDNSW commissioned a condition assessment report of the Eden Wharf Building, which identified:

  • Serious issues including structural faults, electrical faults and fire safety compliance issues that the government deemed as posing an immediate risk to tenants’ and public’ safety
  • The building has reached the end of its useful life in the absence of undertaking significant repairs and capital works
  • The cost of repairing and upgrading the existing structure to extend its useful life was estimated to be greater than the cost of demolishing it and rebuilding it.

The head lessee was advised that the report identified a number of issues that posed an immediate risk to the health and safety of tenants and visitors to the site and were asked to undertake repairs. A voluntary administrator was appointed who advised that the lessee was not in a position to undertake the required repairs and would be vacating the property.

For the safety of the public and the tenants, the department took immediate steps to terminate the head lease, which consequently terminated both the commercial subleases and residential tenancies and issued notices for the residential and commercial tenants to vacate the building.

Next steps

The next step is the demolition and remediation of the existing building, removal of underground storage tanks and remediation of the site, which is planned for June 2021.

PDNSW continues to work on identifying feasible options for the wharf building site that will complement the harbour’s tourism attractions and working port functions and deliver economic and community benefits for Eden and the Far South Coast.

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