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Peat Island and Mooney Mooney

Project facts

Project area



Peat Island & Mooney Mooney, Central Coast, NSW

Local Government Area

Central Coast Council


Concept masterplan: tourism uses; local retail; marina and dry dock; diversity of residential dwellings.

Delivery timing

  • 2018 - stakeholder consultation and finalised specialist reports
  • 2019 - updated supporting studie, public exhibition
  • 2020 - community consultation, rezoning gazettal and market sounding


Current: SP2 Hospital

Proposed: tourism, local centre, residential development and public open space


Activation of dormant land; diversity of residential dwellings; economic driver for local community and over 150 ongoing jobs

Current status

  • In late 2016 the NSW Government lodged a revised planning proposal with Central Coast Council.
  • In March 2017, the Council endorsed the planning proposal, which was then lodged with the former Department of Planning.
  • A gateway determination was achieved on 10 August 2017.
  • The NSW Government has undertaken a significant amount of consultation with public authorities and engaged technical consultants to conduct additional investigations on the addendum planning proposal.
  • Council provided feedback to the addendum in March 2019. The NSW Government is finalising the technical reports to provide to the Council and continues to work with Council to clarify further details prior to public exhibition. It is anticipated the proposal will be placed on exhibition by Council in late 2020.
  • Community consultation will occur in parallel with the public exhibition period, with rezoning gazettal to follow. Market sounding and a developer expression of interest process will be undertaken once rezoning is completed.

What is proposed?

The NSW Government is seeking approval to rezone the site for new land uses.

A key component of the proposal is to unlock Peat Island, which is currently zoned to reflect its former institutional use, limiting permissible uses on site.

The NSW Government’s revised planning proposal offers more than 21ha of open space for the community, including a 11.5ha expansion of the surrounding bushland reserve.

The proposal also ensures that key community assets, notably the chapel, remain accessible and available for use by local residents. Rezoning this land will ensure a viable and sustainable mix of residential, commercial and tourism developments, delivering ongoing jobs and sustained economic growth for the region and local community.

Project / development objectives

  • Activate underutilised and inaccessible government land.
  • Create public access along the river foreshore.
  • Deliver a sustainable development.
  • Create diversity of residential dwellings.
  • Deliver local jobs.
  • Recognise and protect Aboriginal and European history.