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Commercial Development

The Store, Newcastle Workplace

Newcastle office

Project facts

Project area

9,405m² in total

  • 4,405m² Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE)
  • 5,000m² Transport for NSW (TfNSW)


854 Hunter Street, Newcastle

Local government area

City of Newcastle


B3 Mixed Use

Housing and Property Group

The Housing & Property Group manages the State’s significant property portfolio and places.

The Property & Development NSW (PDNSW) team is responsible for the management and delivery of large scale or complex real estate projects and transactions.

What is proposed?

PDNSW secured long-term leased office accommodation for the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE) and Transport for NSW(TfNSW).

The development will be a vibrant workplace hub, with enhanced opportunity and density around a major transport node. It is located in Newcastle's central business district (CBD), within easy walking distance of the city’s parks, shoreline, recreation and retail facilities.

Project objectives

Key objectives of the project:

  • delivery of modern, sustainable, A-grade office accommodation
  • agency consolidation
  • delivery of an efficient, flexible, agile and dynamic workplace
  • ability to adapt to machinery of government changes
  • contribution to the NSW Government’s Decade of Decentralisation policy
  • enabling DPIE to support the development of Newcastle’s transport interchange on the former Store site.

Current status

PDNSW, TfNSW and Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation jointly undertook an open market process for sale of the Hunter Development Corporation–owned site, and selected DOMA Group to deliver the lease commitment.

The development was approved in late 2018, with agencies moving in by April 2021.

PDNSW led the development management and supports the project delivery in partnership with the agencies.


The building design includes large, modern, efficient floor plates with interconnecting stairs.  A state-of-the-art dynamic, flexible workplace that provides an inspiring contemporary work environment, enabling employees to deliver quality services for NSW.

Non-financial benefits

Increase in a variety of work settings

  • Delivery of fit-out with a range of work settings to suit individual, team and project work requirements.
  • Supports flexible working policy.

Improved building quality

  • Moving from existing B and C-grade buildings to a new, modern A-grade building.
  • Surrounded by quality CBD amenity next to public transport.

Increase sustainability outcomes

  • Improving environmental outcomes with a 5 Star NABERS Energy, 4 Star NABERS Water, 5 Star Green Star–rated building.

Improve productivity and collaboration

  • Consistent fit-out design throughout the building to achieve equity and improved workplace experience.
  • Attracting and retaining staff by providing a modern workplace.
  • Ability to adapt to machinery of government changes easily.

Financial benefits

Occupancy costs reduced

  • Efficiency of scale for lease transactions rather than smaller tenancies of similar quality.
  • Replacing aging fit-outs not fit for purpose and subject to high ongoing maintenance costs.

Reduced duplication of facilities

  • Opportunity to share facilities including training, conference room and project spaces.
  • Visitor Floor (L1) shared by agencies with public interview rooms and presentation space.

Reduction in space and greater efficiency

  • Reduction of 95 m2 of existing office space across DPIE and TfNSW.
  • Implementation of flexible workplace, with DPIE and TfNSW at a 0.8 ratio.

Government objectives supported

  • Decade of Decentralisation policy
  • Office Accommodation policy
  • Office Fitout Design Principles
  • Space utilisation targets
  • Newcastle Metropolitan area, second-most populated area in NSW.

Working together

  • DPIE and TfNSW are working together with PDNSW to deliver this project and achieve cost and ongoing operational efficiencies.
  • Project control groups have been established with key department leads to identify opportunities and agree scope in the following areas:
    • ICT and security
    • Facilities management and procurement.

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