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Former Waratah Gasworks site

Waratah Gasworks


The former Waratah Gasworks is understood to have operated on land bounded by Ellis, Turton and Georgetown roads, Waratah, from 1889 to 1926.

The NSW Government did not operate the gasworks, nor was it responsible for the contamination. However, in 2019 the NSW Government advised affected residents it would help manage the remediation process and work with landholders to clarify the options for remediation.

The initial stage of NSW Government involvement consisted of NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) carrying out legal investigations into where the financial liability for the remediation work lay. This stage was to ensure, where possible, private industry would be held responsible for the pollution. Property and Development NSW (PDNSW) was unable to progress the remedial works while these legal investigations were underway.

While legal advice to date has not conclusively identified a liable party that can be held responsible for covering the cost of the remediation, PDNSW is now working to resolve the contamination issue.

About the project

In September 2021, the EPA advised owners and occupiers of impacted properties associated with the Former Waratah Gasworks site in Newcastle of their intention to declare these properties as significantly contaminated land under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997.

At the same time, the EPA issued PDNSW with a Draft Management Order to develop a Remediation Action Plan addressing the contamination issue.

PDNSW will shortly commence the works required under the Draft Management Order, including development of a remedial action plan (RAP) and engagement of a site auditor to undertake an independent review of the RAP.

Implementation will occur in close consultation with all stakeholders, including residents and landholders within and adjacent to the area subject to the declaration, the NSW EPA and Newcastle City Council.

Next steps

  • Initial Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Develop Remediation Action Plan

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