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Precinct Development

The Precinct Development team delivers master planning and master developer services for large and complex development projects. This typically includes multi-stage projects that will require a combination of planning, design, complex stakeholder management and securing funding.

Supporting Government

Government Policy

  • Greater Sydney Region Plan
  • Central City District Plan
  • The Government Architect of NSW – Better Placed and Greener Places

Government Strategies

  • Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula Strategy
  • NSW 2040 Economic Blueprint

Projects / Programs - Active

  • Parramatta North Program, including the Parramatta North Heritage Core
  • Westmead Health and Innovation District, including the Westmead Health Worker Accommodation site

Parramatta North Heritage Core

The Parramatta North Heritage Core is a place of exceptional First People’s and Colonial culture and heritage significance. Its rich and

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Parramatta North Program

Covering 42-hectares of Government-owned land, the Parramatta North Program is a whole-of-government, major urban renewal initiative and

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Herbert Street Precinct - Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) Campus

RNSH occupies an area of approximately 13 hectares on Reserve Road, St Leonards.

Coffs Jetty Revitalisation

An opportunity to create a vibrant and thriving foreshore precinct that is enhanced for the benefit of the community, while maintaining the