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Community Consultation

Property and Development NSW (PDNSW) is continuing with the development of a community-led master plan for the revitalisation and activation of the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct.

This is an opportunity to create a vibrant and thriving foreshore precinct for the whole community to enjoy, while maintaining the cultural and existing qualities of the local area that we all know and love.

In 2018, PDNSW (then named Property NSW) worked with the Coffs Harbour community to understand the community’s values and viewpoints to inform the development of a Draft Concept Plan for the precinct. Over the coming twelve months, PDNSW will build on previous work and continue to work with the community to prepare a new master plan for the precinct that will guide a future planning proposal.

Together, with community-led ideas, the master planning process will build upon the unique character of the precinct, to create a place for all people to enjoy, now and in the future.

Community Consultation Process
Coffs Jetty Revitalisation Community Consultation Process

Have Your Say

Phase 1 Consultation: Vision & Place Principles

The next step in the master planning process is to work with the community to create a shared vision and principles that will guide the future activation and revitalisation of the precinct.

Residents, businesses, visitors and the broader community are invited to share their views on the vision and principles that will guide the master planning process for the Coffs Jetty Revitalisation.

While it is a challenging time for the Coffs Harbour community, it is important that we continue to work on projects that will benefit the city now, and in the future.

During April and May 2021, there will be a range of ways that the community can connect with the project team:


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The online survey will close on: 18 May 2021
  • Saturday 1 May – Coffs Central Shopping Centre (10am to 3pm)
  • Saturday 1 May – Park Beach Plaza Shopping Centre (10am to 3pm)
  • Sunday 2 May – Harbourside Markets (8am to 2pm)
Contact us
To get in touch with the project team, please email us at coffsforeshore@property.nsw.gov.au or give us a call on 1800 870 549.

Project facts

Project area

Circa 62 hectares (ha)


Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore


Coffs Harbour City Council

Current zoning

  • IN4 working waterfront
  • RE1 public recreation
  • SP2 infrastructure railway

Delivery timing

  • Stage 3 – Coffs Jetty Revitalisation Revisioning (Q4 2020)
  • Stage 4 – Final Precinct Master Plan (Q2 2021)
  • Stage 5 – Planning Proposal (Q3 2021)
  • Stage 6 – Precinct Delivery over 5 to10 years
The project

Oversee and manage the delivery of a master planning process for the revitalisation and activation of the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct.

Capital investment

$20 Million

Our role

The Property & Development NSW (PDNSW) team is responsible for the management and delivery of large- scale or complex real estate projects and transactions.

What is proposed?

PDNSW will oversee and manage the master planning process for the revitalisation and activation of the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct.

This is an opportunity to create a vibrant and thriving foreshore precinct that is enhanced and activated for the benefit of the community, while maintaining the cultural and existing qualities of the local area.

This includes improving the connection between the Coffs Harbour CBD and waterfront, providing additional housing and delivering improvements to the public domain, while stimulating job growth and economic activity.

As part of the broader integrated precinct revitalisation, the Coffs Harbour regional boat ramp and travel lift will also be upgraded. Transport for NSW will be leading these two components.

All proceeds from development activity within the precinct will be reinvested back into the precinct. The Government is not divesting or developing land in the precinct for profit and any activity is to be balanced with paying for social infrastructure to be delivered within the precinct.

Working together

PDNSW are working collaboratively with:

  • Transport for NSW
  • Marine Infrastructure Delivery Office
  • Crown Lands
  • Department of Regional NSW
  • Coffs Harbour City Council
  • Various internal and external stakeholders
  • Coffs Harbour community.
Current status

PDNSW has been working closely with lead consultant McGregor Coxall and the Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC) to develop a proposed vision for the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct. The proposed vision will soon be released to the broader community for feedback, during public consultation planned in April 2021.

The NSW Government has committed an initial $20 million to commence work on the precinct, with $5 million earmarked for the design and implementation of public domain works. Following a recent expression of interest campaign, the NSW Government has short-listed emerging regional NSW-based architects to pitch their design for the works. A Design Review Panel has been established to assist with the selection of a preferred architect.

A further $15 million has been allocated to the design and construction of essential services to modernise and increase the capacity of water, power, sewer, telecommunications and gas infrastructure within the precinct. Pending approvals, construction works for the delivery of essential infrastructure are planned to commence from mid-2021.

Program objectives

Key strategic objectives:

  • Address the Premier’s Greener Public Spaces and Greening our City Priorities
  • Facilitate local and regional economic growth
  • Activate and revitalise Coffs Harbour Foreshore area
  • Achieve positive community outcomes by providing open space areas.

Financial benefits

  • Job creation and benefits to the tourism industry and local community as a result of construction and activation of the foreshore
  • Contribution to the State’s economic activity and Gross State Product.

Non-financial benefits

  • Revitalisation and activation of the Coffs Harbour foreshore
  • Creation of community open space
  • Alignment with broader Government plans including the Coffs Harbour Draft Regional City Action Plan 2036.


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