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Bays Precinct

The Bays Precinct Urban Renewal Program was established to regenerate the 80 hectare foreshore area and bays located two kilometres west of the CBD. Property NSW owns two significant parcels of foreshore land in the precinct; the White Bay Power Station site and the former Rozelle Rail Yards.

The project is a whole-of-government approach, which is being led by Urban Growth NSW (link). Property NSW plays a key role by advising on public domain outcomes. We are also responsible for managing the White Bay Power Station, including protection of its heritage significance, and the Rozelle Rail Yards, including management of a number of industrial tenancies.

Milestones Achieved

  • 2013: Steering of Bays Precinct Implementation Committee was established to implement various recommendations outlined in the Bays Precinct Taskforce Strategic Framework report to Government.
  • 2014: Signed agreement with UrbanGrowth NSW to assist with the program.