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Place Management NSW owns and manages the 60 hectare Darling Harbour site, which includes 28 hectares of water, known as Cockle Bay. The oldest surviving electrically operated swing span bridge in the world, Pyrmont Bridge has connected the eastern and western sides of Cockle Bay since 1902.

Place Management NSW is responsible for 19 head leases, 32 licences and 63 tenancies throughout Darling Harbour (including berthing licences).

The precinct is a family oriented playground for all ages. Alongside a fine array of waterside dining, fashionable nightspots and cultural events, the area also boasts some of Sydney’s most compelling attractions including:

About 26 million visitors flock to Darling Harbour each year.

The thriving precinct is now home to Australia’s new premier International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney).

To discover what's on in Darling Harbour, visit darlingharbour.com


This contracts below relate to the NSW Government's 20-hectare renewal project at Darling Harbour.

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Framework for Land Owner's Consideration of State Significant Development proposals in Darling Harbour

The NSW Government has released the new framework it will use to determine land owner’s consent for State Significant Development proposals in Darling Harbour.

The principles within the framework include a focus on natural and cultural heritage, orderly economic development, appropriate land use and improvements to the public domain.

The framework will be used to consider whether land owner’s consent to Stage 1 Development Applications will be granted. The principles within the framework will provide guidance to proponents considering lodging development proposals.

These principles are based on Place Management NSW legislative responsibility, as the land owner under the Place Management NSW Act.