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Insight Reports

Property NSW has developed a series of Insight Reports which explore key themes in the property sector. The Insight Reports contain compelling research and relevant case studies aimed at generating discussion on topical issues facing the property industry.

Flexible Working in Government

The Flexible Working in Government Report considers how flexible working across the public sector provides opportunities for the Government to improve the efficiency of its property portfolio.

The report considers research and the changing workforce demographics to explore how changes to the efficiency of the NSW Government’s office portfolio can deliver significant benefits, including enhanced productivity, improved service delivery and reduced congestion.

Flexible Working in Government Insight Report (PDF, 1282.71 KB)

Data Analytics in the Property Sector

The Data Analytics in the Property Sector Report highlights a number of case studies on how the property industry is using data to better understand customers, tenants and users in order to deliver improved planning, design, building and maintenance solutions.

The report encourages a broader rethink on ways the NSW Government can better leverage data, citing research which shows that 80 per cent of NSW residents surveyed support the Government using its existing data to better inform decision making on new services and better infrastructure.

Property NSW is currently collaborating with the NSW Data Analytics Centre on options to bring cutting edge changes to the way the NSW Government manages its $134 billion property portfolio.

Data Analytics in the Property Sector Insight Report (PDF, 968.51 KB)

Diversity in the Property Sector

The Diversity in the Property Sector report contains research that highlights the public perception challenge facing the industry, with the majority of NSW residents surveyed still unconvinced about the level of diversity in the property industry, despite a concerted effort to develop and embed diversity programs in recent years. The report supports the wealth of empirical evidence that draws a direct parallel between organisations which embrace diversity and better performance, including a potential uplift to business performance by 80 per cent.

Our report indicates that:

  • Progress has been significant, but change is still needed – despite significant investment in diversity programs across the industry, 60 per cent of NSW residents surveyed still believe the property sector has limited to no diversity in its workforce.
  • Diversity is good for business – there is strong evidence to show the benefits of a diverse workforce. A total of 75 per cent of NSW residents surveyed believe there would be a greater level of employee engagement and commitment in organisations that encourage and support diversity.
  • It’s not just about gender – the report calls for property companies to take a more holistic approach to diversity, including a focus on recruiting from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds, because of the benefits in expanding the talent pool, encouraging diverse and innovative thinking, enhanced productivity and, in many cases, an uplift in customer satisfaction.

Diversity in the Property Sector Insight Report (PDF, 1333.64 KB)

Asset Recycling Insight Report

This report includes compelling research on the role of Asset Recycling, public attitudes and international case studies of interest. Interestingly, there is limited awareness of the role of asset recycling and this animation provides a simple explanation.

The Asset Recycling Insight Report indicates:

  • There is limited awareness of the NSW Government's asset recycling program and its benefits, but once explained, more than 60% of people support it.
  • Asset recycling is undertaken by governments around the world, as seen in case studies from Toronto and London.
  • There are differences between public and private sector management of large property portfolios.

Asset Recycling Insight Report (PDF, 2153.13 KB)