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Herbert Street Precinct - Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) Campus


About the project

Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) occupies an area of approximately 13 hectares on Reserve Road, St Leonards. RNSH provides essential health services and buildings on the site to support the delivery of acute clinical services, medical research and community health care. An opportunity exists to transform an area within the site to create a new health precinct and to provide significant facility improvements.

The NSW Government is considering redevelopment of the Herbert Street Precinct at RNSH, to ensure a world class health, education and wellness facility is available to serve the community well into the future.

Our role

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, in partnership with NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education, is developing a concept plan for the redevelopment of the Herbert Street Precinct. The area occupies of 2.27 ha within the southern campus of RNSH, fronting Herbert Street and bound by Reserve Road.

The plan explores opportunities to support the RNSH campus through the development of a new health precinct by providing affordable Key Worker Housing, short stay accommodation, office space and educational facilities and proposed investment in the restoration of heritage structures and creation of extensive open space and access to and through the site.

Health services

As part of the proposal, the NSW Government will improve facilities for RNSH health service personnel and the area dedicated to health care services. The new and improved health precinct will include new and enhanced public open space alongside reflective spaces for patients, staff and visitors.

A significant portion of the development is proposed to would be health-related commercial uses, including short stay accommodation for visiting patients and carers.

Affordable and key worker housing

The proposed plan would deliver up to 500 apartments comprising at least 75 percent as affordable housing and key worker accommodation and the remaining 25 percent built to rent apartments. This will allow key health service personnel to live close to their jobs and provide many social, economic and health service benefits for the local community.


The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the NSW Department of Education are working closely to determine future education infrastructure needs of the St Leonards community as part of the concept plan for the Royal North Shore Hospital Herbert Street Precinct redevelopment. This work is in line with the NSW Government’s commitment to prioritise planning for new educational facilities in St Leonards.

A key focus of the plan is to consider opportunities to improve open space available to staff, patients and visitors of RNSH, supporting both physical and reflective care. The proposal would facilitate a much needed upgrade to the access into and connection through the RNSH site from St Leonards Station and Herbert Street, alongside adding significant public domain and open space.

The new development would have commercial and retail offerings at ground level, to improve activation between RNSH and St Leonards Station.

The redevelopment of the Herbert Street Precinct will aim to be consistent with the local character of St Leonards. A review of the existing heritage buildings is underway to identify opportunities for alternative uses that will support investment in their restoration. Potential future uses of the buildings could include a mix of hospital community, commercial office, retail and medical uses. Connectivity and activation of the heritage buildings will serve as a balance between the new proposed development and preservation of the existing heritage significance of the site.

St Leonards Crows Nest 2036 Plan

Following the release of the final St Leonards Crows Nest 2036 Plan in August 2020, the concept plan is being reviewed to align with the priorities for the RNSH and surrounds.

Consultation with a broad range of community and project stakeholders is due to commence. This consultation will seek feedback on the project design and proposed outcomes as part of the investigation phases. We are keen to hear your thoughts and invite you to participate in this early consultation to ensure the plan reflects the broad needs of the RNSH cohort including patients, staff, visitors and the surrounding community.

Formal consultation, through the statutory planning process will occur as part of the design and planning assessment process. This is anticipated to occur in the second half of 2020.

Please send any comments or questions to feedback@property.nsw.gov.au. Your feedback may be shared with other agencies involved in this project in order to properly consider or act on the issues you raise.

Indicative Project Timeline