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Emily Street, Hurstville

Nine new social housing apartments have given up to 15 seniors new fit-for-purpose homes in Hurstville. The innovative building appears like two individual houses to fit in beautifully with the surrounding area.




40-42 Emily St, Hurstville

Proposed new homes:

9 social housing apartments for seniors

New tenants:

up to 15 new residents

Construction cost:

$2.88 million total construction cost

Project updates

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) partnered with Tradelink Constructions Pty Ltd to recently complete a two-storey, 9-unit apartment building comprising six two-bedroom and three one-bedroom units suitable for seniors.

Located close to public transport, Hurstville Town Centre and local shops, this $2.88 million new development in the Georges River Local Government Area has been cleverly designed to complement the street’s existing character with a contemporary and attractive fa├žade.

This development is set back from side boundaries and features fully enclosed private open space areas for all apartments, accessible ground floor dwellings with private gardens, balconies for upper level dwellings, and privacy screening to preserve the amenity of neighbouring properties. It includes ground level car parking spaces together with new accessible footpaths.

With a significant uplift of social housing, this development provides homes for up to 15 new senior social housing residents and has been designed to the highest standards to better suit their needs, ensuring they safely age in place.

The Emily Street renewal project is one of about 50 projects being delivered under the NSW Government’s $400 million Fast-Track Housing Construction Package, to help boost economic recovery from COVID-19 in local communities throughout the state.

In line with the NSW Government’s Future Directions for Social Housing plan, this project highlights the NSW Governments continued commitment to deliver well designed, fit-for purpose homes integrated within the community to create greater diversity and help strengthen support for social housing residents.

Around 15 jobs were created as part of this project.