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Excelsior St, Guildford

Excelsior St Guildford

The Excelsior Street project will deliver 10 new, fit-for-purpose social housing apartments for seniors in Guildford, located close to public transport and community services, with privacy and energy efficiency central to the design.




1-3 Eve St, Guildford

Proposed new homes:

10 social homes for seniors

New tenants:

12 new residents (estimate only)

Construction cost:

$2.99 million total construction cost

Project updates

The project at Excelsior Street is one of about 50 projects being delivered under the NSW Government’s $400 million Fast-Track Housing Construction Package, to help boost economic recovery from COVID-19 in local communities throughout the state.

Construction on the homes began in November 2020 and is expected to be complete in late 2021.

Berlina Projects is the construction partner for the development.

Around 17 jobs will be created as part of this project.

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is transforming a site well located in the Cumberland Local Government Area into a residential apartment building with eight, fit-for-purpose social housing units for seniors.

These high-quality homes are designed to the highest standards and will help ensure residents can safely age in place.

The design also features high levels of environmental efficiency to reduce running costs for residents.

The site is close to public transport, with regular bus services to Parramatta and Fairfield town centres. The local shops, post office and medical centre are also within walking distance.

Located in a low density residential zone, the two-storey development will contain six two-bedroom and four one-bedroom units.

Ground level parking for eight vehicles and associated landscaping will also be provided.

The development has been designed to complement the streetscape and blend seamlessly into the local area, with generous setbacks provided to ensure minimal privacy impacts on neighbouring properties.