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Merle St, Bass Hill

Merle St

Ten new social housing apartments will give seniors new fit-for-purpose homes that respond to their needs and fit in beautifully with the local character of the surrounding area.




23-27 Merle St, Bass Hill

Proposed new homes:

10 social housing apartments for seniors

New tenants:

12 new residents (estimate only)

Construction cost:

$3.44 million total construction cost

Project updates

Construction is now underway and works will continue towards the end of 2021. Newbuild Developments (Australia) Pty Ltd is the construction partner on this project.

Community engagement has now concluded.

Around 17 jobs have been created as part of this project.

This development is one of about 50 projects being delivered under the NSW Government’s $400 million Fast-Track Housing Construction Package, to help boost economic recovery from COVID-19 in local communities throughout the state.

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is constructing a residential apartment building containing 10 dwellings for seniors. The site comprises three adjoining lots.

The site is located in a low density residential zone, with the surrounding area containing detached single storey dwellings and some newer medium density developments.

The site is located 375m from the nearest bus stop and 2km from Sefton train station.

The two-storey residential apartment building will consist of 10 social housing dwellings for seniors, configured as six two-bedroom and four one-bedroom units.

Ground level parking for six vehicles and associated landscaping will also be provided.

All five ground level units are suitable for residents with mobility restrictions and are adaptable so they can be occupied by wheelchair users.

Each dwelling will be provided with its own fully enclosed private open space area.