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Tenancy Services – who are we and what do we do

Tenancy Services is here to assist you from your first enquiry through to the end of your tenancy.

We have an established network of managing agents appointed for your town and will endeavour to make your relocation as easy as possible.

Housing Services has a dedicated Tenancy Services Officer for the locality you are appointed too.

Their role is to manage your application, allocate housing in line with our Eligibility policy, manage your tenancy enquiries in conjunction with the managing agent from occupancy through to assisting you when vacating the property. If there is no managing agent appointed, all tenancy matters will be managed by you Tenancy Services Officer.

Each Tenancy Officer has a dedicated portfolio consisting of approximately 300 properties in the region they are responsible for. They can be contacted on 1300 137 343.

Eligibility for housing

Teachers – if you are a teacher employed under the Teacher Services Act 1982 or the TAFE Commission Act 1991, you are entitled to apply for accommodation in the town that you are appointed to (permanently or temporary), for the period of your appointment. Casual teachers who are employed at least three (3 days) per week are entitled to apply for accommodation in the town which they are engaged by the school / TAFE college.

Casual teachers have a lower priority for housing than a permanent or temporary teacher. Please refer to our Housing and Eligibility Allocation Policy (PDF, 893.94 KB) for more information on how we allocate our housing. For more information, read the Teacher Housing Handbook (PDF, 610.04 KB).

Police Officers – if you are a Police Officer appointed to a new location, you may be entitled to accommodation where dedicated accommodation is available.

From time-to-time NSWPF Local Area Managers may provide advice to Housing Services concerning the availability of housing.

For more information, read the NSW Police Tenant Handbook (PDF, 2193.36 KB).

How to apply for housing

You can submit an application for housing simply by logging onto the Housing Services Portal and applying online.

How to lodge a maintenance request

You can submit a maintenance request simply by logging into the Housing Services Portal and submitting a maintenance request. This request will be forward to your managing agent to manage. If you do not have a managing agent appointed to the town you are residing in, the request will be managed by the Housing Services maintenance team.

Rental Bond information

Housing Services is required to charge a Rental Bond in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 2010. A Rental Bond is charged to all tenants residing in a property owned or managed by Housing Services.

  • You will be required to pay four (4 ) weeks of the market rent of your property as bond at the commencement of your tenancy.
  • Information concerning the payment of the rental bond will be provided at the offer of accommodation and upon acceptance of the offer.
  • Your bond will be lodged with the Rental Bond Board (RBB), who will issue a receipt of acknowledgement and lodgement.

Vacating advice

There are three things that you must do when preparing to move out:

  1. Advise us in writing that you will be moving out by completing our Vacating Request Form via the Housing Services Portal
  2. Contact your managing agent to schedule the end of tenancy inspection and return of keys
  3. Clean the property and arrange any work needed to return the property to the same condition as when you moved in. Please refer to the Vacating checklist (PDF, 125.33 KB).

Please be aware you must give 21 days’ notice in writing to end the agreement after the fixed term of your Residential Tenancy Agreement has expired. If the fixed term is due to expire, you can give 14 days' written notice that you will be vacating on or after the expiry date. Once we receive your Vacating Request Form we will confirm your vacating date in writing and provide you with information about finalising your tenancy. Rent is chargeable to the end of your required notice period, keys must be returned on or before your vacating date or rent will be charged until the date your keys are received by your Agent.

If you need to move out urgently, for a short notice employment transfer for example, we may reduce the notice period. Please contact your Tenancy Services Officer on 1300 137 343 or via email for further information.

Please note:

  • Your keys must be returned to your Agent's office. Leaving keys with your flatmate, neighbour or principal is not an acceptable way to end your tenancy, unless previously arranged with Housing Services or your managing agent.
  • Please remember to disconnect your utilities and re-direct your mail to your new address.