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Keep your home mould free

Wet or hot and muggy weather can lead to mould in your home. Mould is serious – it can cause asthma and other health issues, and it can wear out furniture and even walls, floors and tiles faster.

To help stop it:

  • open your windows on dry and sunny days
  • turn on a fan to create airflow
  • turn on an exhaust fan when bathing, and close the bathroom door to stop moisture escaping into living areas
  • vacuum, remove dust, and clean kitchens and bathrooms
  • open wardrobes to air out clothes
  • don’t hang wet clothes in living areas or bedrooms
  • ensure clothes dryers are adequately ventilated and regularly remove lint from the filter.

Here are a few tips to safely clean mould off surfaces:

  • Use white vinegar from a supermarket diluted with water (1 part vinegar to 4 parts water) on walls and tiles.
  • For more delicate materials, use warm soapy water – it won’t kill the mould, but it will slow it down.
  • Remember, avoid bleach as it can create toxic fumes and discolour, rather than remove, mould.
  • Use leather cleaner on items like leather shoes and bags.

Please call us on 1800 422 322 and press 1 if you suspect mould has been caused by a water leak or other maintenance-related issue.

When mould is serious – health impacts to watch out for

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