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Boost for local jobs and housing

Merle Street Bass Hill development artist impression

Construction is underway on a $3.44 million housing renewal project in Bass Hill that will deliver 10 new social homes and support 17 jobs while bolstering local spending on businesses and trades.

The project at Merle Street is one of about 50 projects being delivered under the NSW Government’s $400 million Fast-Track Housing Construction Package, to help boost economic recovery from COVID-19 in local communities throughout the State.

Two other projects in the Fast-Track package nearby at Chester Hill are also progressing, with one at Byloss Street under construction and another at Kenward Avenue due to start works next month. Together, these two housing renewal projects will deliver a $5.73 million investment to build 18 new social homes and support 29 jobs.

NSW Land and Housing Corporation Chief Executive, Mick Cassel, said the government’s investment was accelerating the construction of new social housing in the region to support jobs and income for local businesses, tradespeople and apprentices.

“These housing renewal projects are supporting local vulnerable people who need the security and protection that goes with having a new home,” he said.

“This $9.17 million investment is also benefitting the local economy and community by prioritising local spending and providing 46 local jobs that’ll help keep a roof over the heads of other local families.”

Mr Cassel said the $400 million Fast-Track package will deliver more keys to open doors for new social housing while generating greater security for the construction industry.

“We’re not just building hundreds of new homes throughout NSW to support vulnerable people, we’re also creating critically important jobs to support people and businesses who need them, both in the NSW construction industry and broader economy,” she said.

“This investment is also being backed by a priority initiative within the NSW Government to fast-track project approvals so that shovels are in the ground faster.”

Under the $400 million Fast-Track Housing Construction Package, $250 million will be used by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) to accelerate more than 50 projects over the next two years to deliver about 580 new social homes throughout regional and metropolitan communities.

The other $150 million will see LAHC accelerate the place-based redevelopment projects at Airds-Bradbury and Claymore in southwest Sydney, delivering more than 500 new social homes and around 1,000 new land lots for sale to build new private homes over the next three years.

Overall, this timely $400 million investment announced in the recent NSW budget will create an estimated 800 direct and 1,200 indirect jobs before and during construction.

LAHC is also implementing a $200 million maintenance stimulus program to upgrade more than 3,500 social housing dwellings and support more jobs for local tradespeople. This adds to the $60.5 million in the NSW Government’s $2.3 billion COVID-19 stimulus package provided in April, which supported 500 jobs and has provided works to improve more than 2,200 dwellings.