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CHP-led Redevelopment on LAHC-owned Land Policy


This policy will guide LAHC's response to Community Housing Provider-led direct approach proposals to redevelop housing on LAHC-owned land.

The policy allows for proposals from registered Tier 1 or Tier 2 CHPs that lease LAHC-owned properties and want to redevelop at their cost in exchange for a new lease.

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How to submit an application

An application under the Policy is separated into a preliminary stage and a two-stage submission process:

high level process

To successfully reach direct negotiations, a CHP must lodge a submission at each stage. An application cannot move to the next stage without assessment and approval by LAHC.

To ensure efficient review, consistent dealing between applications and a fair and transparent process, CHPs will need to submit (but is not limited to), the following documentation at the relevant stages:

Preliminary Stage

Preliminary Submission Form

Please ensure Preliminary Submissions are submitted via the LAHC website contact us page.

Stage 1

Stage 1 Submission Form

Stage 2

Stage 2 Submission Form
Stage 2 Excel Model

All submissions made by a CHP at any stage, will be bound by the policy and the Process and Conditions.

For any further information prior to lodging a submission, please contact the team via the LAHC website contact us page.