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Working together to deliver more new and better social housing

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New policies targeted at the community housing sector are making it easier for Community Housing Providers (CHPs) to deliver more social and affordable housing across NSW.

In the past decade, the number of social homes in NSW has increased by 10 per cent to more than 154,000 properties. The NSW Government has achieved this in partnership with CHPs, who have demonstrated their capacity to deliver complex new supply projects.

To build on this success, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has introduced two new policies that guide LAHC’s response to Community Housing Provider-led direct proposals to contribute to social and affordable housing supply across NSW.

What are the policies?

The policies allow CHPs to bring forward proposals directly to LAHC that involve their own land or LAHC-owned land, in order to build, renew and grow social and affordable housing.

CHPs can access the two new policies to bolster social and affordable housing supply in NSW:

LAHC Policy for Small Scale Direct Dealing with CHPs

Not-for-profit registered Tier 1 and Tier 2 CHPs can directly submit a proposal involving land, with a project value up to $5 million.

LAHC Policy on CHP-led Redevelopment of Social and Affordable Housing on LAHC-owned Land

Tier 1 and Tier 2 CHPs with an existing lease on LAHC-owned land can directly submit a proposal with a project value up to $25 million to redevelop leased and adjacent properties, at their cost in exchange for a new longer-term lease.

These new policies encourage CHPs to strengthen their role in addressing housing demands by:

  • Providing a streamlined and transparent pathway to make proposals to LAHC that support social and affordable housing supply across NSW;
  • Maximising the limited resources in the social and affordable housing system to deliver more, better quality, fit for modern use homes for vulnerable people and families;
  • Enabling submissions from CHPs proposing a direct commercial agreement to develop, buy, sell or lease land;
  • Leveraging CHPs’ access to diversified funding sources.

All proposals need to comply with the NSW Government standards for direct dealing and priorities for renewing and growing social housing. They will also be subject to ongoing due diligence and assessment by LAHC.

The proposal process

LAHC’s approach to assessing proposals under the policies is aligned with NSW Government frameworks
for direct dealings. Under the policies, the process is along the following lines:

high level process

Building on partnerships with Community Housing Providers

These policies build on the NSW Government’s existing partnership with CHPs, who manage about 32,000 LAHC-owned properties in metropolitan and regional areas in NSW.

Greater involvement of CHPs in financing, owning and managing a significantly expanded stock of social and affordable housing assets is guided by Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW, the NSW Government’s vision for a whole of government approach to deliver more and better social housing.

Boosting jobs and economy

The policies also support the State’s recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. It enables more rapid renewal and growth of social and affordable housing, which supports communities and will boost jobs and economic activity across NSW.

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