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Argyll Estate Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour from Sealy Lookout, Orara East State Forest. Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Panorama of Coffs Harbour from Sealy Lookout, Orara East State Forest. Coffs Harbour, NSW.

The NSW Government will be exploring opportunities for new housing in the local area south of Bray Street to Argyll Street (including Deborah Close, Maple Street and Argyll Place) and from Frederick Street to Elm Street, Coffs Harbour, referred to as the 'Argyll Estate'.

This area includes 127 properties and two vacant land lots owned by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) and the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO).

Purpose of the EOI

The NSW North Coast is experiencing ongoing housing challenges, including housing affordability and a shortage of new homes.

The purpose of the EOI is to explore opportunities for LAHC and the AHO to partner with the private and/or not-for-profit sectors to identify potential viable redevelopment models for this area, and test how existing government assets might be leveraged to deliver much-needed modern, high-quality new social and private housing in Coffs Harbour and the regions.

The privately-owned and Council-owned properties within the Argyll Estate are not included in the EOI.

This will help bring much needed housing supply to the area which is aligned to Coffs Harbour City Council’s Local Growth Management Strategy.

Why should I apply?

This EOI provides applicants with an opportunity to influence and inform the delivery of new housing typologies on the Mid North Coast.

The proposed commercial framework is intended to enable the development partner to innovate and market test new housing typologies, materials or delivery methods to meet housing need, without the up front land capital investment that would generally be required.  It is proposed that delivery will be staged to ensure that it keeps pace with market demand.

LAHC will lead the planning strategy and will liaise with Council to determine the optimum approach.

What we’re seeking

Respondents are requested to present ideas that:

  • outline potential opportunities to create many new homes close to shops, amenities and transport
  • increase the density and diversity of housing in the Argyll Estate
  • replace existing social housing with modern, new social homes that better meet local demand and are culturally sensitive for aboriginal residents.

The EOI supports the objectives of Coffs Harbour City Council’s Local Growth Management Strategy, and respondents must highlight opportunities for innovation in design, sustainability, financial and delivery outcomes.

The EOI ran for a period of eights weeks (22 April to 18 June 2021) and is now closed.

Next steps

The result of the EOI and next steps are expected to be announced later in 2021.

Residents and the community will have an opportunity to have their say at consultation and engagement activities on any future preliminary concept plans should they be developed for this area.

Current residents

Social housing residents in the Argyll Estate have been informed of the EOI process commencing.

We are in the early stages of the process and there are no current plans for relocations.

For more information, contact LAHC’s Community Engagement Team via our feedback form or call 1800 738 718.