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Thurralilly St and Pound St, Queanbeyan East

Queanbeyan east

18 new, modern social housing apartments are now home to senior residents just outside of Queanbeyan town centre.




26-30 Thurralilly Street and 36 Pound Street, Queanbeyan East

Proposed new homes:

18 social housing apartments

New tenants:

Around 22 new residents (estimate only)

Construction cost:

$6.14 million total construction cost

Project updates

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has delivered a modern and fit for purpose social housing apartment building for seniors in the fast growing non-metropolitan town of Queanbeyan. The site originally consisted of four dilapidated cottages.

This low scale residential development received support from the local community during public exhibition and was completed in October 2020.

Van Mal Group was the construction partner for this development, and around 31 jobs were created as part of the project.

The building has been designed to comply with local planning controls and will have minimal impacts on neighbouring properties.

This two-storey residential apartment building includes 18 units configured as six one-bedroom units and 12 two-bedroom units. 15 car parking spaces have been provided.

The site is located 2 km north-east of Queanbeyan Town Centre and is bound by Thurralilly Street to the north and Pound Street to the west. There is community transport available on demand.

Resident and vehicle entry points have been provided from both Thurralilly Street and Pound Street to activate these frontages.

The carefully considered design has different architectural styles for external walls, entry canopies and balconies so that it is consistent with the surrounding area.

Balconies and external windows face the two street frontages to reduce privacy impacts for neighbours.