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$19 million Gundagai Sewerage Treatment Plant ready to go


The $19 million Gundagai Sewerage Treatment Plant upgrade has been completed, providing modern sewerage services to the town’s residents and visitors.

The new plant can support up to 3000 people and has been built to meet the demands of a growing population.

It has been almost 100 years since the original Gundagai Sewerage Treatment plant was first built which is why it was long overdue for a major upgrade.

The ageing infrastructure, which was installed in 1923, was deteriorating badly due to flood damage and was costing the local council a significant amount to maintain.

The new sewerage plant is expected to support Gundagai’s growing population for the next 50 years and has been designed for expansion with simple upgrades that will boost capacity to allow the sewerage plant to service up to 4000 residents.

Upgrading the water treatment systems at the plant will allow treated wastewater to be used on the local 18-hole golf course.

Water is a limited and valuable resource, so infrastructure projects which allow us to recycle wastewater for other purposes are an important step forward for future water sustainability.

The upgrade will help support business development including the expansion of the abattoir and a thriving tourism industry.

The completion of the project is great news for Gundagai because it now has the right infrastructure in place to support a vibrant and resilient community that will open us up to new economic opportunities.

This project was funded thanks to $10 million from the NSW Government’s Safe and Secure Water Program, $3.5 million from the Australian Government Building Better Regions Fund and $5.5 million from Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council.

The $1 billion Safe and Secure Water Program has delivered 36 projects across regional NSW with over 250 other projects currently in various stages of delivery.

For more information on the program, visit Safe and Secure Water Program.

$19 mil Gundagai Sewerage Treatment Plant ready
Gundagai Sewerage Treatment Plant