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Community backs improvements to breathe life into Jetty Foreshore

Housing and property

The Coffs Harbour community has given strong support for proposed improvements to the Jetty Foreshore, with a clear call for a revitalised waterfront to boost the local economy and bring jobs and investment to the region.

The NSW Government today released two reports detailing outcomes from extensive community consultation on the draft masterplan for the Jetty Foreshore.

Minister for Planning and Minister for Homes Anthony Roberts said the results show overall support for development along the Jetty Foreshore to breathe new life into the precinct and create a thriving destination that locals and tourists want to visit.

“We’re extremely thankful to the more than 3,600 people that completed the survey during our seven-week long consultation period and the thousands more we spoke to at our pop-ups, briefings and meetings with Traditional Owners and Elders.

“While we saw many diverse views on parts of the draft masterplan, what we heard loud and clear is that there’s a clear case for change ensuring the unique, local character and sense of community is maintained,” Mr Roberts said.

The report outlines shops and cafes as the most supported uses to create an active foreshore with 73 per cent of those surveyed in favour, followed by an activity hub adjacent to the Coffs Harbour Train station which received 68 per cent support.

“The results clearly show what the people want prioritised for delivery within the next three years, namely foreshore parkland improvements, increased pedestrian connections, and improved car parking.”

Local member for Coffs Harbour Gurmesh Singh said while the community was divided about how much development was appropriate on the foreshore, overall more people were in support than opposed.

“Six in ten people who responded to the survey said they supported development of 2-6 storeys or higher, and the data suggests younger community members who responded to the survey were more likely to support taller buildings in exchange for improvements to create a buzzing atmosphere in the area,” Mr Singh said.

Key statistics by sub-precinct

Corambirra Point

More than 70 per cent of respondents support the addition of cafes, restaurants, and a function space, as well as creating a tourist destination at the former Deep Sea Fishing Club site.

Height levels of 3-4 storeys were supported by 45 per cent of the community, with a further 15 per cent supporting up to 8 storeys.

The Marina

Over 80 per cent of respondents support pedestrian and car parking improvements to create a more vibrant marina.

Respondents remain divided about the proposed scale of development up to four storeys, with around 35 per cent strongly supportive and 32 per cent strongly opposed. More than half of all respondents were overall supportive of development up to four storeys.

Foreshore Parklands

Over 70 per cent of respondents support all proposed upgrades and ideas regarding North Park, the Billabong, Dune Care & Wild play, and Family & Youth Play (which was the highest priority for delivery).

Respondents overwhelmingly want to see the Foreshore Parklands become a welcoming and inviting place for all, allowing public access to natural beauty.

Jetty Hub

Around 68 per cent of respondents supported development in the Jetty Hub, while 44 per cent suggested that up to 6 storey development spread over the Jetty Hub was appropriate.

Respondents indicated they preferred development to be limited to the west side of Jordan Esplanade.

Mr Singh said the engagement with Traditional Owners and Elders highlighted that the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore is the heart of Gumbaynggirr Country.

“We’ve learnt how this beautiful foreshore is an epicentre of connection with sites of significant spiritual and historical significance.”

The NSW Government will now carefully consider the feedback and update the masterplan to reflect an even more thorough consideration of community aspirations for the precinct.

The community consultation outcomes reports can be viewed online from Thursday 8 September www.coffsjettyrevitalisation.com.au

Artists impression Coffs Jetty Foreshore revitalisation
Artists impression Coffs Jetty Foreshore revitalisation