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Towamba water sharing plan open for feedback


The NSW Government is seeking feedback from water users and other key stakeholders on the new draft Towamba water sharing plan.

Executive Director of Water Planning, Giselle Howard, said water sharing plans are valid for 10 years once finalised, so it’s important the local community and stakeholders are informed and provide feedback while the plan is in draft form.

“The 2018-2020 drought and the devastating bushfires that followed hit Towamba’s communities, industries and the environment extremely hard,” Ms Howard said.

“These are urgent reminders that we must manage our water resources smartly, fairly and equitably in both wet and dry times – because we know drought will undoubtedly come again.

“The draft Towamba plan continues to protect basic landholder rights, cultural needs and water for the environment, and sets limits on how much water can be taken.

“The plan also outlines the continued requirement for all works to have a meter, ensuring we can measure and account for licenced take.

“We’re also proposing changing access rules along Mataganah Creek, Myrtle Creek, Upper Towamba River, Lower Towamba River, Jingo Creek, Wog Wog River and Pambula Lake Tributaries to better balance the needs of water users and the environment.

“We want to hear from all stakeholders about the potential impacts and benefits of these changes and the draft plan. Your input is critical in helping us form a plan that will work for the community, local businesses and the environment for the decade to come.”

Members of the public will have until 19 June 2022 to submit feedback on the draft plan.

Every submission will be considered carefully before the final water sharing plan comes into effect on or before 1 July 2023.

To read the draft water sharing plan visit: www.dpie.nsw.gov.au/towamba-river-wsp

Aerial view over Oyster farms, Merimbula Lake NSW.
Aerial view over Oyster farms, Merimbula Lake NSW.