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Flood repair grants for North Coast communities

Crown land

The NSW Government has announced significant funding to repair Crown Land damaged during last year’s floods in the North Coast local government areas of Ballina, Lismore and Richmond Valley.

The funding under the 2022 Crown Lands Flood Recovery Program to repair damage during the February and March 2022 storms and floods includes:

  • $1.09 million for Ballina Shire Council to repair Crown land embankments on the Richmond River, in Regatta Park near Ballina Memorial Swimming Pool and in Kingsford Smith Crown Reserve near Richmond River Sailing and Rowing Club. Embankments will be rebuilt into robust structures to withstand storms and flooding after erosion caused sinkholes between the Richmond River shoreline and the shared pedestrian and cycle path. The investment  will protect the heavily-used foreshore area for thousands who enjoy it every day, from walkers, cyclists and Missingham Park skaters to recreational fishers and visitors to Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum.
  • $218,127 to Lismore City Council to repair Crown Land on the Wilsons River foreshore. The funding will be used to repair riverbanks, restore biodiversity and stop erosion, including by planting 1,150 trees and 8,000 plants to protect some of the riverside areas where locals come to relax and enjoy. The projects will restore critically endangered Lowland Rainforest in Albert Park and prevent erosion threatening the baseball fields and walking track, as well as encourage biodiversity in Currie Park near the Turf Club and Rugby Club.
  • $1,527,050 for Richmond Valley Council to reconstruct Halsteads Drive after it was devastated by the floods. The project will remove concrete debris from the road structure that was washed onto the riverbank and into the river, then survey, design and construct a new road through the reserve within the next 18 months. A suitable access pathway to the riverside for pedestrians and authorised vehicles will then be constructed by April 2024. This is an important project for Casino as Halsteads Drive provides access to the Richmond River for the town.
  • $600,000 for Clarence Valley Council to repair the road inside McLachlan Park at Maclean which was left with large potholes by flooding. The investment will repair the damage and reinstate the bitumen road. The project will benefit the broader community as McLachlan Park provides safe access to the Clarence River for fishing and other water sports.

Minister for Lands and Water Kevin Anderson said the funding was part of $9.81 million in grants to local councils across the state to help repair damaged Crown land in communities under the 2022 Crown Lands Flood Recovery Program.

Mr Anderson said the funding will ensure local infrastructure in flood-affected communities is restored to pre-flood conditions.

“This could include restoring everything from community, recreational and cultural assets like parks, playgrounds, reserves and cultural sites through to Crown roads, bridges, drains and other structures on Crown land,” Mr Anderson said.

A section of flood damage along the waterfront at Ballina
A section of flood damage along the waterfront at Ballina.