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Controlled activity approvals

Healthy watercourses and waterfront land are vital to the community and environment. Because activities on waterfront land (called ‘controlled activities’) can threaten the health of our waterways, NRAR requires landholders to apply for a controlled activity approval for their works before they start.

Approvals usually contain conditions to minimise the impact of the activity or works on the waterway and adjoining land.

By requiring landholders to get a controlled activity approval before carrying out works on waterfront land, NRAR prevents activities that could alter water flow or quality, destabilise beds or banks of waterways, cause erosion, or disturb wildlife habitats.

Most controlled activities also need development approval from your local council. If this is the case, you will need to lodge what is known as an Integrated Development Assessment System Development Application (IDAS DA).

For further information and advice on controlled activities please use NRAR Assist.

NRAR Assist

NRAR Assist, a simple web-based tool, to help provide you with answers to all your questions.

NRAR Assist

What is a controlled activity?

Find out whether you need a controlled activity approval, what exemptions there are, and how to lodge an IDAS DA.


Waterfront land e-tool

A guide to the Waterfront Land e- tools to help with the application and regulatory compliance processes for our community.


Controlled activity exemption e-tool

The Controlled activity exemption e-tool will help you identify if an exemption applies to your proposal.

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Guidelines for controlled activities

Information on the types of activity that are classified as controlled activities.


How to apply for controlled activity approvals

Application forms and guides, including ones to help you apply for a new approval or amend an existing one.