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How to comply

SSD and SSI applications

State Significant Development (SSD) and State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) are projects deemed to have state significance due to their size, economic value or potential impacts.

Most state significant development and state significant infrastructure applications are sent straight to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. The Minister for Planning is the consent authority for all SSD and SSI applications. More information on SSD and SSI can be found on the department's website.

State Significant Development (SSD) and State Significant Infrastructure (SSI)

NRAR's role

Any SSD or SSI applications with proposed works which would need to comply with provisions in the Water Management Act 2000 are referred to NRAR for consideration.  Such proposed works could be:

  • surface or ground water extraction, use or impacts
  • works or impacts to waterfront land (rivers, lakes, estuaries or wetlands).

Where proposals involve these sorts of works, NRAR provides advice and recommended requirements to the department for its consideration, prior to determination of development consent.

NRAR requirements

Where a proposal involves impacts to surface or ground water, NRAR and the department will assess the impacts to the water source. NRAR will then provide advice regarding licensing, management and monitoring requirements.

For proposals located on waterfront land, applicants must show consideration of all requirements in NRAR’s Guidelines for controlled activities.

Authorisations not required

SSD and SSI projects do not require certain authorisations (approvals) under the Water Management Act 2000. These are:

The above approvals under the Water Management Act 2000 do not apply if:

  • supporting documents for the SSD or SSI reference and assess all impacts associated with the works that would otherwise require the approvals, and
  • the impacts are considered by the department, prior to granting of consent.

Major projects

NRAR also has a consultation role for major projects such as Designated Development, Planning Proposals and Review of Environmental Factors for some development works.