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Our work

Aboriginal Housing Office

Delivering better housing choices for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in NSW.

Environment, Energy and Science

Working with the community, we care for and protect NSW’s environment and energy.

Housing and Property

Diverse housing, economic activities, public spaces, sustainable water services for NSW.

NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer

Knowledge and research adapted and used to benefit NSW.

Office of Local Government

Strengthening the sustainability, performance, integrity, transparency and accountability of the local government sector.

Place, Design and Public Spaces

Making people’s lives better by making NSW a great place to live and work.

Planning and Assessment

Innovative thinking to improve statutory planning and assessment systems.

Strategy and Innovation

The Strategy and Reform team are focused on developing the long-term direction of the Department’s work and the roadmap for achieving its goals over the coming decades.


The Water group is responsible for ensuring sustainable, secure and healthy water resources and services for NSW.