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2022 Housing Package programs and initiatives

Accelerated Infrastructure Fund Program

Funding allocation

$300m over 4 years

What is to be delivered?

Local infrastructure to support development of 150,000 homes.

How will it be delivered?

  • Round 3 of the Accelerated Infrastructure Fund Program for high growth regional and metropolitan councils to help deliver both development infrastructure like wastewater and drainage, and recreational infrastructure like parks
  • Co-funding for eligible councils and delivery agencies for local infrastructure projects
  • Investment recommendations and funding agreements for a prioritised list of projects
  • The start of construction on all approved projects within 2 years from May 2023

Who will benefit?

This program will help accelerate the delivery of local community infrastructure, including construction for new homes as well as jobs across NSW. The project will benefit:

  • the community, with better infrastructure more quickly in their regions
  • councils to deliver housing opportunities in their local government areas

What are the key milestones?

  • August 2022: Project nomination period opens
  • September 2022: Project nomination period closes, and project assessment starts
  • December 2022: Approval of the investment recommendations
  • May 2023: Funding agreements signed, and funds distributed
  • June 2023 to June 2026: Delivery and completion of approved projects

What are the key benefits?

  • Increased supply of development-ready land
  • New infrastructure in place between 2024 and 2027
  • Accelerated delivery of local development infrastructure