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Funding allocation

$174m in total allocated to Department of Regional NSW

What is to be delivered?

The Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), in partnership with the Department of Regional NSW, will deliver:

  • Approximately 271 additional houses for teachers and NSW Police force delivered over 4 years
  • A whole-of-government key worker housing model review

Who will benefit?

  • Regional NSW communities will benefit from more teachers and police officers coming to their community
  • Teachers and police officers who want to work in rural, regional and remote areas will benefit from good quality housing
  • The Department of Education and the NSW Police Force will benefit from having appropriate housing for their employees

What are the key benefits?

  • Reduction in housing costs for key workers
  • Reduction in key worker commuting costs
  • Social benefits of having more teachers and police in regional communities


  • Improved outcomes for students, the community and the teachers themselves
  • Lifetime productivity benefits for students from reduced overcrowding
  • Improved housing outcomes will help attract teachers to regional and remote areas of NSW


  • Reduction in crime from having additional police in regional NSW