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Funding allocation

$87.82m over 2 years, to June 2024

What is to be delivered?

  • 30,000 home sites rezoned
  • 32,500 home sites approved from assessment of state and regionally significant applications
  • Easy online service from the NSW Planning Portal

How will it be delivered?

The Department of Planning and Environment will:

  • prioritise resources for a simple, faster planning and assessment process including:
    • reducing state significant assessment times from 120 days to 100 days
    • reducing regionally significant assessment times from 366 days to 275 days
    • reducing planning proposal assessment times from 571 to 380 days
    • 90% of planning issues referred to other state agencies determined within agreed timeframes
    • fit for purpose employment zones that support job growth
  • case manage services to resolve high value and complex housing applications
  • have a planning ‘concierge’ to help people use the NSW planning system
  • integrate the NSW Planning Portal into council processes to deliver online services.

Who will benefit?

The program builds on recent reforms to the planning system and will benefit:

  • the community who can easily access planning services
  • councils to deliver streamlined planning services
  • housing developers who can invest in NSW with more certainty

What are the key milestones?

  • December 2022: All local environmental plans updated with fit for purpose employment zones to improve ability of businesses to establish, expand or adapt
  • June 2023: Report on expedited housing supply from Faster Local Assessment Grant Program
  • December 2023: Digital integration of council systems through NSW Planning Portal Application Programming Interfaces (API) Grant funding
  • June 2023: Benchmark planning assessment times achieved
  • June 2024: 30,000 home sites rezoned and 32,500 home sites approved

What are the key benefits?

  • Faster planning approvals to boost housing supply
  • Councils have increased capability and capacity to meet planning demand
  • Timely, certain and transparent planning system
  • Easier dealings with government
  • Improved outcomes for applicants because of support for state-wide integration of council systems with NSW Planning Portal