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2022 Housing Package programs and initiatives

Strong Family, Strong Communities

Funding allocation

$67.2m over 4 years

What is to be delivered?

The Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) will deliver:

  • Continued funding for AHO Home Ownership Program
  • Continued funding for the Tertiary Accommodation Grant
  • Support for Aboriginal community housing providers operating in high-cost, remote and regional communities
  • Continuance of the Aboriginal Tenancies Program
  • Support for Aboriginal community housing and workforce development
  • Transitional housing program for Aboriginal people fleeing family and domestic violence
  • Help for Aboriginal community housing providers to achieve compliance with the National Regulatory System for Community Housing

Who will benefit?

Aboriginal people and families, particularly those in social housing or on the social housing waitlist
  • Aboriginal people seeking to purchase their own home
  • The Aboriginal community housing provider sector
  • Aboriginal students in tertiary education

What are the key milestones?

  • These initiatives build on the AHO’s existing Strong Family, Strong Communities initiatives.
  • Each year from June 2022 to June 2026, the program will:
    • support 80 Aboriginal people and families toward home ownership
    • provide 75 tertiary accommodation grants to Aboriginal students
    • support 40 Aboriginal families in need with transitional housing
    • help 65 Aboriginal people and families who are renting to remain in their homes.
  • A detailed strategy level implementation plan that also considers Closing the Gap commitments is being developed and will be available in September 2022.

What are the key benefits?

An additional 320 Aboriginal people and families supported in the process to owning their own home
  • 300 Aboriginal students supported with tertiary accommodation grants
  • Help for Aboriginal people and families in rental accommodation to remain in their homes
  • Upskilling of Aboriginal housing sector staff
  • National registration for Aboriginal community housing providers
  • Transitional housing for 160 families in need