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NSW Plastics Action Plan

Outcome 2: Make the most of our plastic resources

Action 3: Support innovation

Recycling technology does not always keep pace with new types of plastics on the market. Some plastics are typically difficult to recycle because of the way they are used. Plastics used in medical or aged care may require special treatment due to the potential of contamination.

The NSW Government will provide up to $5 million towards innovative trials and pilot programs which improve plastic recyclability, alternatives or recovery. We will provide funding to:

  • address plastic medical waste, redirecting this waste from landfill back into the circular economy
  • support new plastics processing infrastructure through the $35 million Remanufacture NSW initiative.

To help increase the uptake of products with recycled content, we will develop an online portal to link NSW plastics recyclers with government procurement bodies.

Recycling station
Cleanaway recycling facility at Eastern Creek, NSW which processes Return and Earn recyclables.