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Environment and Heritage

We work with community, business and government to protect and strengthen our natural environment. We protect and strengthen NSW’s natural environment by managing the conservation of our environment and energy resources. We are committed to developing inclusive and innovative ways to deliver the best outcomes for New South Wales. We support the community, as well as business and government, in developing their ability to achieve these outcomes.

Our group has the best available scientific evidence and tools to help us make decisions affecting the health of the NSW environment. We build on our knowledge and our research through partnerships with government colleagues, universities and the broader science research community.

We deliver safe, reliable and cost-competitive energy and support investment in renewable energy in New South Wales. Our hub for energy-related information offers advice to consumers, including how to reduce their energy use.

Environment and Heritage

Working with the community, we care for and protect NSW’s environment and energy.

National Parks and Wildlife Service

Find information on national parks and reserves in NSW. Discover parks, campgrounds, walking tracks, native plants, animals and more.

NSW Environment Protection Authority

Partnering with business, government and the community to reduce pollution, waste and prevent degradation of the environment.

Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy

Find out about the circular economy over the next 20 years to minimise waste, reduce emissions to our environment and boost our economy.

NSW Plastics Action Plan

The NSW Plastics Action Plan outlines the actions to address plastic at all points of its lifecycle.

Energy NSW

Renewable energy and government regulations.