Housing and Property

The new Housing and Property Group has been formed to maximise economic outcomes and deliver community benefits through the more efficient utilisation of government owned land and property in the delivery of diverse housing and public spaces.

We provide strategic oversight and coordination to ensure that government owned property and government led development is advanced as a whole-of-government agenda to deliver improved economic, environmental, cultural and social outcomes.

Our group has more than $75bn worth of assets under management and will work together to further lift outcomes for our customers and the people of NSW.

Agencies and divisions within our group include:


We are responsible for managing NSW’s Crown land on behalf of the people of NSW. Crown land covers around 42% of NSW and includes parks, reserves, roads and cemeteries with a value at over $6.1 billion. Crown land is used and enjoyed for recreation, businesses, tourism and has significant importance to the Aboriginal people of NSW.

The 35,000 Crown reserves provide many of the state’s town squares and local parks, state heritage sites, buildings, community halls, nature reserves, coastal lands, waterway corridors, sporting grounds, racetracks, showgrounds, caravan parks, camping areas, travelling stock routes, rest areas, walking tracks, commons, community and government infrastructure and facilities. Hyde Park and Bondi Beach in Sydney are two famous examples of the NSW Crown reserve system at work.

We manage around 54,000 leases and licences enabling the use of Crown land across the state for a range of commercial, agricultural, industrial, community, residential and private uses.

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Land and Housing Corporation

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is responsible for the NSW Government’s social housing portfolio. LAHC is a Public Trading Enterprise (PTE) established in 2001 under the Housing Act 2001 and operates under the Minister Water, Property and Housing. LAHC and NSW Department of Communities and Justice work together to achieve a unified administration of the Act.

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Property NSW

Property NSW is focused on excellence in property, infrastructure and places. It manages the state's significant property portfolio and its places, which results in better visitor experiences and services for the people of NSW.

We have forged a reputation across the NSW Government for delivering:

  • expert advice across whole-of-government
  • first class asset management solutions
  • reform in agency service delivery
  • accommodation solutions.

We assist in the development of portfolio property plans for a number of agencies. Agencies engage the team’s services to ensure the efficient management of property assets and transactions.

The team provide strategic property advice regarding agency accommodation needs and on the best approach to holding and managing assets that are core to service delivery.

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Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW

Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW (CCNSW) is a statutory agency created in 2014 under the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 that supports and regulates the interment industry. We assess the interment needs of the state’s growing population and develops planning strategies to ensure there is enough cemetery space to adequately service the needs of the people of NSW, and the services offered by the interment industry meet community expectations.

We provide information to the public and the interment industry on relevant legislation governing interment in NSW, and makes sure the industry abides by the laws.

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