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Our work

Planning and Assessment

Planning and Assessment uses innovative thinking to improve statutory planning and assessment systems to make the planning system more competitive, particularly in regional areas.

We assess and determine proposals for development, including state significant projects, to ensure the need for new jobs is balanced with the needs of communities and the environment, and projects including major developments, infrastructure and industrial sites meet strict conditions.

We engage early with business, industry and communities to plan and deliver homes, new infrastructure and a healthy environment while assessing the impacts and opportunities that growth offers.

We will focus on

  • Regional strategic and statutory planning
  • State and local planning policy
  • Coastal policy and implementation
  • Local government coordination
  • State significant development & infrastructure assessments
  • Post approval management
  • Digitisation of planning system
  • Planning Act compliance and investigations
  • Bilateral assessment with the Commonwealth

The Office of Local Government will sit within Planning and Assessment to ensure our regions are front and centre in our decision-making.