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To create a sustainable, liveable and cool Greater Sydney, we need urban greening, which includes urban canopy and green cover. More urban greening means more shade, cleaner air and more beautiful places to live for communities.

Our urban greening program aims to increase green cover across Greater Sydney and lift urban canopy coverage to 40% by 2036.

The program has several initiatives to help reduce urban heat and create a cooler, sustainable and more liveable city.

Valuing green infrastructure and public spaces

Green infrastructure and public spaces play an important role in providing quality of life and amenity for our communities.

The department has developed a valuation framework to help prepare economic evaluations, including cost-benefit analysis, for green infrastructure and public space projects

Greener neighbourhoods

The Greener Neighbourhoods program empowers councils to create cooler, shadier neighbourhoods.

Students sitting under tree canopy in park


Partnerships play an important role in creating healthier and more resilient communities by making greener places and great public spaces.

Man's hand planting trees in ground

Tree canopy data

To inform the delivery of new sustainable housing and support investment in green infrastructure.

Grant programs

We're supporting local councils to enhance Sydney's tree canopy through new tree planting projects.

Trees growing in a park

Greening the Great West Walk

We're planting more than 26,000 trees along the Great West Walk for a cooler Western Sydney.

Walkway path along road and park

Everyone Plant One

Everyone can plant one tree whether it's in your backyard or on your balcony. Because when everyone plants one, it’s better for everyone.

Gardener planting trees

Rosemeadow demonstration project

Launched in July 2019, Rosemeadow was the first demonstration project for the program.

This innovative set a new benchmark for tree planting in urban environments to improve liveability for communities in areas with critical urban heat problem.