Regions, Industry, Agriculture and Resources



From April 2, Regions, Industry, Agriculture and Resources will become the Department of Regional NSW.

The Department of Regional NSW will be a central agency for regional issues, building resilient regional economies and communities, strengthening primary industries, managing the use of our valuable regional land, overseeing the state’s mineral and mining resources and ensuring that Government investment into regional NSW is fair and delivers positive outcomes for local communities and businesses.

Regional NSW

The Regional NSW Group works with state and local government agencies, regional communities, business and other stakeholders to drive the NSW Government’s regional priorities and deliver better outcomes for the people living and working in regional NSW. The group includes Public Works Advisory.

Department of Primary Industries

The Department of Primary Industries works to drive stronger primary industries in NSW. The department manages a broad range of initiatives from resource to industry including natural resource management, research and development, pest and disease management, food safety, industry engagement, and market access and competition.

Local Land Services

Local Land Services works to secure the future of agriculture and the environment for NSW communities. Local people work in local communities to deliver services that are shaped for each community, industry and landscape. Staff work with land managers and community groups to connect information, support and funding, to improve agricultural productivity and better manage our natural resources.

Resources and Geoscience

Resources and Geoscience manages access to our mineral and petroleum resources, making sure they’re sustainably developed to maximise export opportunities. NSW is rich in high-tech metals such as copper, platinum and rare earth elements used in mobile phones, aircraft, satellite, even artificial hips and pacemakers.

NSW Resources Regulator

NSW Resources Regulator is the state’s work health and safety regulator for mines and petroleum sites. It undertakes compliance and enforcement activities with a focus on mine rehabilitation. It manages safety issues, regulates exploration, undertakes inspections and investigations and takes enforcement actions when required.

Office of the NSW Chief Planner

The NSW Chief Planner is responsible for overseeing projects that deliver an easier and more efficient planning system as well as providing expert advice on projects that will help our communities thrive in the long term.

Office of the Coordinator-General

The Office of the Coordinator-General oversees the wide range of work being delivered across the Regions, Industry, Agriculture and Resources group and leads a range of special projects for the Coordinator General. The office includes Invest Regional NSW, Office of the NSW Cross Border Commissioner and the NSW State Drought Coordinator.