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Digital Western Parkland City

The ambition for the Western Parkland City is that it will be Australia’s most connected city with innovative public transport, aviation and digital infrastructure which will bring residents closer to jobs, services, education and the world.

The true potential of the Western Parkland City will be realised when we have:

  • an inclusive and digitally capable region, where people are the focus and everyone has access to technologies that benefit and create opportunities;
  • a productive region with flexible, future-focused communication infrastructure for faster,  more reliable and affordable digital connectivity;
  • a resilient and sustainable region that uses technology to help manage natural resources  efficiently; and
  • a liveable region, where smart solutions improve the quality of the local environment and the health and wellbeing of the people in it.

The Western Sydney City Deal includes four digital commitments, to help us realise this digital vision.

The NSW Government is leading the development and delivery of two of these:

  • Smart Western City Program
  • 5G strategy and trials

It has also contributed to and supported delivery of the other two commitments:

  • Western Parkland City Digital Action Plan
  • Openly available data sets