Strategy and Reform

The Strategy and Reform team are focused on developing the long-term direction of the Department’s work and the roadmap for achieving its goals over the coming decades. As part of this work, we are responsible for identifying hurdles and challenges that may prevent the Department from achieving its goals and making recommendations to help overcome them.

These may include policies, processes, procedures and ways of working that do not serve the Department effectively, and the recommendations will include necessary reforms to help the Department improve its services, activities and operating environment to realise its strategy.

The strategy and reform team will produce long-term strategies for:

  • social, affordable and private housing that give clear direction on the mix and diversity of housing to support everyone in the state, at every income level.
  • regional water supplies, to manage and allocate water in hot spots around NSW to make sure that everyone has enough water to drink, grow their crops and keep their industries running and their communities employed.
  • waste as a 20-year resource to be used to help communities and improve the state.